SAFE | Carson Palmer ($7,000)

They’ve finally adjusted his value to his play (3rd highest QB). This man is officially as safe as it gets. He’s never dipped below 18 points this year. He will give you 275 yards and 2 TDs vs. the Browns. Bank on it.


VALUE | Ryan Fitzpatrick ($5,200)

The Jets will be going up against the worst passing defense in the NFL this week vs. the Oakland Raiders, who are allowing 303 passing yards per game thus far. As bad as the Raiders are against the pass, though, they are #3 against the run, so I would expect they put a banged-up Chris Ivory in the garage this week to give him an opportunity to recover his body a little bit and let Fitzpatrick air it out.



SAFE | Adrian Peterson ($7,400)

AP has OWNED the Bears over his illustrious career. And I mean owned. We’re talking 116 yards and 1.2 TDs per game. This isn’t a small sample size either, were talking about 12 games here. If Brian Urlacher couldn’t stop him, what makes you think that Christian Jones can?


VALUE | Lamar Miller ($4,700) 

The last two weeks showed us what all the LaMill hype was for. Campbell has doubled the amount of run plays called by You-Know-Who (yes- I think Philbin looked like Lord Voldemort). Also keep in mind that Miller is averaging 185 yards from scrimmage per game under Campbell. This is a steal, even if it is Thursday Night Football.



SAFE | Julio Jones ($9,200)

You have to spend your money somewhere right? Why not spend it on a guy who’s averaging 12 targets a game. He’s looking healthy again, and playing against the Bucs who have allowed the 3rd most points to receivers this year. Alterraun Verner is having Julio nightmares as we speak. It’s like trying to catch a F’n racehorse.


VALUE | Stefon Diggs ($4,800)

It looks as if Stefon has supplanted Mike Wallace as Teddy Bridgewater’s favorite target. He’s seeing 10 targets a game and has the wheels to take any quick toss to the house. Chicago is currently ranked 23rd against WR’s this year. This kid was touted as something special out of high school, and now we’re finally seeing why.  



SAFE | Tyler Eifert ($5,300)

You could always go with Gronk but what’s the fun in that? Eifert has 6TDs in 6 games this year to go along with his 6 targets per game. He’s going up against a weak Steelers secondary that is ranked 29th against TEs. Have faith in the Red Rocket (Dalton) and his ability to find Eifert in the endzone.


VALUE | Ladarius Green ($3,000)

BUT only if Gates can’t go. With Gates on the sideline, Green caught 4 passes for 45 yards a TD and TWO 2point conversions. Rivers is on pace to throw for 5,600 yards this year, expect Green to help the cause this Sunday.



SAFE | Cardinals DST ($4,000)

The Cardinals have 12 team INTs and 4 Def. TDs in just 7 games. Wow. Don’t forget that they’re going up against a Cleveland team that has just sputtered out.


VALUE | Rams DST ($3,200)

They put up 25 points last week vs. Cleveland and I expect a repeat performance vs. the Lowly Kaepernick. Whatever Kaep had is gone. He’s not fooling anyone out there anymore. He didn’t even attempt a rush last week vs the Seahawks. If he’s not running, he’s not a threat. The 49ers currently rank 30th against DSTs this year.



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