SAFE | Tom Brady ($8,600)

I know this is getting boring, but can you tell me a safer pick? Last week was his worst performance of the season and he STILL got 19 points. Tell me you wouldn’t take a 299yd 2TD 1Int performance every week from your QB?



Yes he will give you a heart attack with poor decisions, but this kid is TOSSING the ball this year. He’s projected to finish the year with 4,300yds and 34 TDs. He’s got two great Allens (Robinson & Hurns) and he’s going against the defense that’s ranked 31st vs. QBs (Baltimore.) Tom Brady is $3K more…..this is the values of all values if he puts up decent numbers this week.



SAFE | Todd Gurley ($7,300)

Take Gurley until Gurley stops putting up Gurley numbers. He’s as safe as it gets. He is the motor to the Ram’s offense. Want to hear something crazy? This will be exactly one year since he tore his ACL at UGA…….and he’s already doing this to the NFL (scary).


VALUE | Jeremy Langford ($4,800) 

He went up $800 from last week and is going against a good STL Defense….but come on, he’s getting Matt Forte Touches. I could get you 3 points with Forte touches…..this kid is a real duel threat talent, and since this is a PPR format, he’ll be just fine this week.


Honorable Mention: DeAngelo Williams. He’s too pricey to be a value, and too old to be safe…..but darn it is that guy shredding NFL defenses when he gets the start. He’s on my team this week, he should probably be on yours too.



Aside- I know everyone wants a piece of Antonio Brown after he caught every throw ever recorded last week. 17 rec. and 284 yards, just wow (HOW IS IT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE THAT HE DIDN’T CATCH A TD DURING THIS!?)….but I’m scared, scared he won’t come close to this again. He’ll be catching balls from a broken Roethlisberger or Landry Jones. Jones has been lucky in my opinion, that luck will run out eventually.


SAFE | Julian Edelman  ($8,200)

There are SO many good mid-level priced WRs this week that I’d rather take two of them than a stud and a potential dud. BUT, if we need to pick a stud, I’m going with Jules. Never forget what Drew Brees was able to do vs. the Giants D a couple of weeks ago…..because TD Tommy might repeat that performance. Julian is just flat out hard to guard and he’s going to be facing one of the most porous defenses in the league.


VALUE | Kamar Aiken ($4,500)

Like I said before, the middle of the road WRs might be the move this week but Kamar is my value pick. Steve Smith Sr. is done (possibly forever) and Elite Joe Flacco needs SOMEONE to throw to. Steve’s targets have to go somewhere and I don’t think they’re going to Chris Givens.


Average Priced WRs I’d look at: 

A. Cooper, Oak ($6,800)

A. Robinson, Jax($6,700) 

B. Cooks, NO ($6,000)

J. Landry, Mia ($6,700)



SAFE | Greg Olsen ($6,300)

He is by far Cam’s most talented target, and it’s showed. He’s caught a TD in 3 of the last 4. He should continue to be productive against a meh Titans defense.


VALUE | Martellus Bennett ($4,700)

Marty Bass had a huge week vs the Bolts (8 rec 57 yds 1TD) and I see more of that in his future. Smokin’ Jay Cutler is starting to cook again, he’s looked great since returning from injury. The Rams have a nasty front 4 but are middle of the road in terms of guarding TEs.



SAFE | Broncos DST ($3.400)

Arguably the best defense in the league going up against a Charlesless Chiefs team. Look for the check down king, Alex Smith, to throw the ball 30 times for about 137 yds 0TDs and 1Int.


VALUE | Eagles DST ($2,700)

Eagles are all about the turnovers. They’re averaging 10.5 fantasy PPG so far this year and they’re playing against a Dolphins team that seems to be back to being mediocre. 


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