November 24, 2015


Week 11 of the NFL season is in this books, and we dissect which teams are moving on up in our Power Rankings, and which are dropping hard after a bad performance.




Whoa. This team is all of a sudden in the playoff mix after a 1-5 start and season-ending injury to their franchise running back who accounts for 70% of the offense. Andy Reid has this team believing and anything is possible for the Chiefs, led by their high-octane defense. Tamba Hali had a whale of a game this week vs. the Chargers, and Justin Houston's pick 6 should put him in the DPOY conversation. Can they make it five in a row this week vs. Rex Ryan and the Bills? If so, they can be smooth sailing at the second Wild Card spot.



Back-to-back appearances under the "Three Up" column? You betcha. The Texans are riding a momentum tsunami after their defeat of the (formerly) undefeated Bengals last week, and another signature win vs. a very good Jets team has the AFC South on notice. Jadeveon Clowney's return this week showed a huge boost to this defense, and he is clearly an impact player when healthy. The Texans have a somewhat tumultous next three games vs. the Saints, Bills, and Patriots, and then after that have a 3 game division royal rumble. Buckle up, it's going to get interesting.



"Rejoice, for He has risen." - Jerry Jones on Tony Romo's return.



But they won. Yeah, but at what cost? The Ravens are the most snakebitten team in the NFL when it comes to injuries (and officiating for that matter). They have lost their starting QB, RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, WR3, C, & Pro Bowl OLB. That's seriously unheard of. The only silver lining for Ravens fans is Ozzie Newsome will get his first Top 5 pick in a long time, and it was getting to be time for this Ravens team to reload with some blue chip talent. I would be shocked if they muster another win this year. Get ready for the #SchaubShow, charm city.



Three game losing skid? Ouch. The Raiders, who were looking like dark horses for an AFC Wild Card spot, are all of a sudden trying to tread water after a rough loss vs. a bad Lions team. Amari Cooper had a few bad drops in this game, and it's going to happen, but the rest of the schedule really does the Raiders no favors. This week's game vs. the Titans all of a sudden becomes a must win.



Whew. The Eagles' performance this week vs. the rookie-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers can be summed up in one word - embarrassing. Those aren't my words, they're Fletcher Cox's. Nelson Agholor is really starting to look like a bust (we thought he was good coming out, our bad), and Jordan Matthews was shelved for some reason after his first good outing of the season last week. Weird. But worse than everything I just listed, the thing that is most disconcerting is all the Chip Kelly LSU/Miami/USC/going back to college rumors, and don't think for a second that it's not a distraction. It is. And with the Cowboys' prodigal son returning, the Eagles better start putting up or shutting up.





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