SAFE | Cam Newton ($7,500)

First off, congrats Cam on your new baby boy (I know you’re an avid fan of ScouTurf). On a side note, his rocking the baby TD celebration now makes a lot more sense, huh? Week 17 is tricky, you have to watch out for QBs resting. Rivera isn’t that kind of guy. Cam’s in the hunt to lock up home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. I’m looking for a huge bounce back game for the CAMVP vs. the Bucs.


VALUE | Ryan Fitzpatrick ($5,400)

Win and you’re in. That’s all the motivation you need to play Fitzy, well that and he has Brandon Marshall. I’ll always take a QB who’s motivated by a playoff berth in week 17. The only thing you should be worried about is his left thumb….and right elbow….and back, but Todd Bowles said he expects Fitz to play and I’m in.



SAFE | Adrian Peterson ($7,200)

“All Day” is fighting to win the rushing title….he even admitted it after last week’s MNF. There’s three things that AP Loves: Lifting weights, scoring TDs, and Adrian Peterson. I’m going for the guy who’s all about the personal accolades this week. Doesn’t hurt that he’s a freak of nature and the Vikings are playing the Packers for the NFC North title.


VALUE | David Johnson ($6,000)

I know it’s vs. the Hawks but I don’t care. DJ has cemented himself as a great fantasy option (26.73 avg points over the last 4 weeks.) The Cards still have a shot at home field advantage in the NFC Playoffs so Johnson will not be sitting.



SAFE | Antonio Brown ($9,100)

I’m biting on his ridiculous price tag because he’s AMAZING and the Steelers are fighting for a playoff spot. They NEED to win and you know Big Ben will be airing the ball out vs. the Browns. Last time AB faced Cleveland he hung them up for 10 catches 139 yards and 2Tds….gimmie some of that.


VALUE | Eric Decker ($5,800)

This guy has caught a TD in almost every game he’s played in (11 TDs in 14 games). He’s one of the best WR2’s in the game (was never a #1) and will be giving his all to get the Jet’s into the playoffs. Take him vs. a soft and defeated Bills team.



SAFE | Greg Olsen ($6,800)

I wanted to pick Jordan Reed here so bad but given his injury history and the fact that the Skins are already in the playoffs…. Don’t expect him to play much. Olsen’s a great option vs. the Bucs, who aren’t that great covering TE’s. He’ll have some extra motivation with the Panthers trying to get some momentum back going into the Playoffs.


VALUE | Delanie Walker ($5,600)

The guy is a PPR machine in the TE category. You can expect about 7 catches per game from him. (I didn’t have to change the first two sentences that I wrote last week for him, he had 9 catches.) Mett’s not good so he’ll definitely need his TE safety net when he goes through his progressions. Don’t expect a ton of yards, but catches and maybe a TD are in his future.



SAFE | Broncos DST ($4,200)

They need to get their swagger back and FAST. If Denver wants any shot at a Superbowl ring, they need their defense back. This will be a good warm up game vs. a Chargers team that is 28th vs. DSTs.


VALUE | Steelers DST ($3,500)

The Browns are abysmal (31stvs DSTs) and the Steelers need to win this game. That’s all you need to know. 



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