February 4, 2016

The 2016 Senior Bowl Week has come to a conclusion, and that means we are officially heading into the heart of Draft Season. While we were not physically in Mobile for the week, we have been tirelessly combing through the content of who we consider the most esteemed of #DraftTwitter and aggregating data, takes, and sprinkling in our own opinions from watching every minute of practice and game coverage on ESPNU and NFL Network.


In our recaps, we have ranked every Senior Bowl player regardless of North/South affiliation, and included a brief synopsis of how their week went as it relates to their draft stock. Based on all of our observations, we will update our Big Board and Mock Draft at the end of this week. We have also listed the teams that each prospect spent some extended time meeting with throughout the week (insert "every player talks to every team" cliche here, I don't care). If we missed a team, please tweet us (@ScouTurf) with a link to the tweet connecting the player and team and we will be happy to update.


To avoid turning this article into a novel, we have split the recap up into four articles - Offense (Skill Positions), Offense (Linemen) Defense (Linemen/Edge), Defense (LB/DB). The measurements follow the player name in the format of (Height, Weight, Hand, Arm).



Jerell Adams (6050, 244, 834, 34)

The long-striding Adams showed the most shake of all the TEs in Mobile, but more importantly, proved that he can block as well as he can catch the ball. #DraftTwitter gushed about Adams all week, with the highest praise coming from @RosterWatch, tweeting that Adams was the best TE in Mobile since 2012 (Clive Walford).


Teams Interested: None Reported


Nick Vannett (6056, 256, 10, 3314)

The Senior Bowl was a good event for Vannett to stand outside of the Ohio State shadow. With so many other talented players on the roster, it's easy to get overlooked. Matt Miller (@NFLDraftScout) mentioned that Vannett had a really good week, catching everything and showing some position versatility. I think it's safe to say he was underutilized at Ohio State and the Buckeye will make a much better pro than collegiate player.


Teams Interested: Texans


Henry Krieger-Coble (6030, 248, 914, 3138)

Although the weigh-in did HKC no favors (appeared a little soft), Krieger-Coble did a great job this week of showcasing his route-running, pass-catching ability and being physical at the point of attack. Matt Bowen (@MattBowen41) pointed out that HKC showed athleticism and leverage in the pass game, and he probably vaulted his stock somewhere into the late 5th/early 6th round in a weak TE class.


Teams Interested: None Reported


Darion Griswold (6034, 253, 912, 3334)

Despite being a late add for the injured Jake McGee, Griswold got up to speed fairly quickly, stacking back-to-back impressive outings after shining in the Shrine Game last week. Griswold is a quicker Tight End, but he is raw and forecasts as a late-round developmental project at this point.


Teams Interested: Redskins


Bryce Williams (6056, 260, 958, 3314)

Outside of showing a little gut at the weigh-in, Bryce Williams showed little else this week in Mobile. This is disappointing, because his film at ECU told a different story, where he constantly took over the game and made himself an outlet to pick up crucial first downs. Williams did make a few catches in the game during garbage time, but he probably did more harm than good in Mobile this week. Jon Ledyard (@LedyardNFLDraft) had a stern take on Williams, saying he looked pretty undraftable - slow, still, no separation and a couple drops.


Teams Interested: None Reported



Jason Spriggs (6056, 301, 912, 3418)

Spriggs had the best week of the Senior Bowl OTs, but that's not really saying much, as the tackle group struggled against the superior defensive linemen in attendance. Spriggs was up-and-down, pancaking Jihad Ward on one play and then getting embarrassed by Sheldon Day, a DT, on several rushes from the edge. Jeff Risdon (@JeffRisdon) pointed out that once the North DL figured out that Spriggs had a weakness against the bull rush, he was done for, lacking the strength to recover.


Teams Interested: Eagles


Le'Raven Clark (6055, 312, 1078, 3614)

Spriggs wasn't the only one who struggled with Sheldon Day, who gave Texas Tech lineman Le'Raven Clark fits all week. The consensus on Clark is that he is an athlete playing the OT position and is really raw as a blocker. With that being said, however, Brandon Thorn (@VeteranScout) observed that with the right coaching, Le'Raven Clark has the most room to grow and can become a very good player one day. Ahh... the sweet smell of a project - all it takes is one team to bite, and a few were seen nibbling.


Teams Interested: Patriots, Saints, Jets


Joe Haeg (6060, 307, 934, 3312)

Haeg missed the game with an AC sprain, but he definitely showed that he belonged with the big boys leading up to Saturday. According to Tony Pauline (@TonyPauline), the New England Patriots spent a lot of time with Haeg in meetings, and after their lack of offensive line depth exposed them in the playoffs vs. Denver, keep an eye out for Haeg ending up in Foxboro.


Teams Interested: Patriots


Willie Beavers (6045, 324, 912, 3312)

Beavers didn't take the most of his opportunity in Mobile and was often exposed going up against some of the best defensive linemen in the country. Beavers is much better off at OT than he is at OG, where Alex Kozora (@Alex_Kozora) illustrated Beavers' play best with this tweet. It's not like there's nothing to work with when it comes to Beavers, who earned praise for his down blocking, but in terms of draft stock, he did nothing to change the minds of scouts.


Teams Interested: Panthers


John Theus (6065, 317, 1012, 3418)

Bad week for Theus. He looked sloppy at weigh in and consistently played too high in drills, failing to gain the leverage required to move opposing defenders. One play in practice particular stands out in my mind (aside from the fight he started) when Noah Spence literally got around Theus in 1v1 drills untouched. Jon Ledyard (@LedyardNFLDraft) went so far as to write an article about how Theus will disappoint at tackle at the next level and is best off kicking inside to guard. For some reason, the Texans seem intrigued with Theus' game.


Teams Interested: Texans


Cole Toner (6053, 305, 958, 3234)

Search Cole Toner on Twitter and you'll get the biggest bag of mixed takes ever. Charles Davis says that Toner was one of the most impressive prospects in Mobile while Joe Everett (@JoeWEverett) said Toner's week was awful, and he was abused by speed rushers in the first half of the game. We are leaning more with Joe than Charles. Although Toner had a decent week in practice, his Saturday was very rough. We were thinking before the week that Toner would be this year's Ali Marpet, but he seems like a developmental guy to us. It will take an extremely ambitious OL coach to pound the table for Toner later in the draft.


Teams Interested: None Reported


Kyle Murphy (6062, 300, 934, 3238)

Murphy may win the award for "Most Money lost in Mobile." Many Draft pundits had Murphy in the 3rd round range, but based on his performance this week, the Stanford tackle barely looked draftable. I mean, look at what Noah Spence does to him here during the game. Murphy plays extremely high, much unlike his draft stock at the moment. 


Teams Interested: Jaguars, Saints



Cody Whitehair (6036, 300, 10, 3138)

Unlike the Tackles, the Guards in Mobile were borderline breathtaking, led by General Cody Whitehair. Whitehair was one of the most technically sound linemen at the Senior Bowl, and he had a ton of teams sniffing around throughout the week. Consensus now is that Whitehair lasting past the first round would be an upset, and the Eagles in particular seemed very smitten with the Kansas State alum.


Teams Interested: Ravens, Eagles


Josh Garnett (6044, 317, 978, 3338)

Garnett was another big winner this week, with half of Mobile chasing him down for one-on-one time. Garnett showcased his attitude and strength, and it sounds like he was a hoot off the field as well. At this point, I would be surprised if Garnett were to fall past the Dolphins in the second round, who are desperate for serviceable LG play.


Teams Interested: Bears, Brown, Dolphins, Raiders, Eagles, 49ers


Sebastian Tretola (6042, 317, 10, 3012)

Tretola is another lineman who made some money for himself this week, showing nice punch and leg drive to plow holes in the run game. The best take on Tretola comes from Cody Bauer (@CBauerNFLDraft), who said that Tretola is this year's Larry Warford or Gabe Jackson - plug and play day 2 guard who will immediately help in the run game.


Teams Interested: Browns, Jaguars, 49ers


Vadal Alexander (6053, 336, 1012, 3414)

Alexander certainly has the mass to play on an NFL line, but he demanded a lot of coaching this week. Alexander can either be a below-average-to-average RT a the next level or a decent starter at OG. We are leaning towards the latter, and the teams that met with him have more of a need at guard than tackle.


Teams Interested: Packers, Eagles


Joe Dahl (6037, 299, 834, 3234)

Dahl did not disappoint this week, making the most of his Senior Bowl opportunity. Kenneth Dixon had a run in the 3rd quarter in which Dahl absolutely threw Clemson DT DJ Reader out of the club. Impressive, considering the weight difference between the two players (299 lbs vs. 340 lbs). Huge week for Dahl's stock.


Teams Interested: Saints, Eagles


Christian Westerman (6032, 296, 1078, 3338)

Westerman started off slow, but gained steam as the week went on. Westerman displayed above average functional strength and was stout at the point of attack. He also demonstrated nice knee bend and balance when engaging with defenders. It's also safe to say that he is a "finisher" at the guard spot.


Teams Interested: Saints


Spencer Drango (6060, 320, 912, 3234)

Drango really struggled this week with his reps at tackle, but all is not lost if he kicks inside to guard at the next level. Drango got taken advantage of in space, but when in a phone booth, he was tossing defenders. Statistically, he had a great 2015, according to @PFF_College, recording 997 snaps, 0 sacks allowed, and 7 total pressures (1.7%) with 4 penalties.


Teams Interested: Panthers, Bears



Nick Martin (6041, 296, 958, 3214)

Much like his brother before him, Martin used Mobile as a stage to show he can play with the best of them, demonstrating versatility in dominating at both guard and center. Mike Mayock called Martin a "second round pick all day long" during the telecast, and we agree. The question is - what position does he play at the next level?


Teams Interested: Eagles


Jack Allen (6014, 297, 1018, 3134)

Allen was another player that had an awesome showing this week, contributing to a very strong Center class, which is long overdue for the NFL. Allen consistently showed good strength when pivoting rushers and turning them away from the point of attack, and Allen comes away as Jeff Risdon's top-rated C in this draft, demonstrating that he can "handle beef." That's great, Jeff, but is he ServSafe®?


Teams Interested: Panthers, Rams


Graham Glasgow (6063, 306, 934, 3318)

Momentum is a friend of Glasgow's who came out of nowhere blowing people up in the Shrine Game. Glasgow is taller than most centers at 6'6", but he has outstanding knee bend and uses his height to his advantage, gaining good leverage against bull rushes and bullying defenders. Glasgow is easily a 2nd-3rd round player right now at a dire position in the NFL.


Teams Interested: Lions, Jets


Austin Blythe (6022, 291, 938, 3014)

Blythe wasn't the most physical center in Mobile weighing in at 291 lbs, but he was consistent, displaying strong hands at the point of attack, more than holding his own as the week progressed. In fact, he won Brandon Thorn's (@VeteranScout) Most Underrated OL award from the week. Where does he land in the draft, though? I honestly don't know.


Teams Interested: None Reported


Evan Boehm (6022, 309, 1014, 3158)

Not the best showing for Boehm when compared to some of his peers listed above, getting dominated by La Tech DT Vernon Butler a few times. Lance Zierlein (@LanceZierlein) pointed out that Boehm struggled with power this week, something that we saw as well.


Teams Interested: None Reported


*Team took player into either an extended or a secondary meeting


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