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-Size. Wentz is 6'5" 237 lbs with a 10" hand and looks the part of an NFL QB.


-Mobility. Wentz is extremely athletic for his size (1.66 10 yard split with a 6.86 3 Cone), but you can just see how fast he is watching his tape. Unreal ability to extend plays and looks like a natural running back when he's forced to keep it. Extremely elusive and his running style consists of making players miss rather plowing through people. Does an outstanding job of extending plays and throwing darts on the run.


-Football IQ/Leadership/Maturity. Wentz is the total package above the shoulders and absolutely killed his interviews in Indianapolis, as well as the Senior Bowl in Mobile. Wentz fosters the cerebral acumen to play the position at a high level and will be a tremendous addition to any team's locker room.


-Pocket Presence/Footwork. Wentz has extremely fluid drop backs (which he did often from under center, a plus), and shows no wasted motion in doing so. Wentz also shows a natural feel for pressure when going through his progressions in the pocket, but can occasionally bail early and over-rely on his supreme athleticism.


-Decision-Making/Arm Strength. Wentz does a good job of processing information quickly and shows a true understanding of the offense and where he needs to go with the ball post-snap. He also shows a quick-fire release and the ball really sizzles out of his hand. Arm strength is not an issue for Wentz, he just needs to continue to focus on accuracy.


-Throwing Mechanics. Wentz displays a compact throwing motion, especially for throws under 10 yards, but I have noticed that he will extend his wind-up on intermediate crossing or slant routes. The reason for this is apparent, as he is visibly getting more torque from his hips and leg drive to add sauce onto the throw, but this motion is noticeably elongated. He is money on placing the ball on quick screens.




-Durability. Wentz missed 8 games in 2015 due to injury, and in his Combine interviews with NFL Network, he listed injuries in high school as the reason he wasn't a more coveted prospect (granted, he was a 5'8" freshman). The seasons only get longer and the men tackling him get bigger at the next level, so this is certainly a cause for concern for teams. The good news for Wentz is that NFL teams won't be asking him to run the ball on 40% of his plays like he did at North Dakota State, so he should stay fresher as long as he can continue his development as a pocket passer. Also, Wentz broke his wrist in the first half of the South Dakota game in 2015 and stayed in to finish the game, so while he is injury-prone, I wouldn't say he lacks toughness.


-Inconsistent Ball Placement. Wentz has shown that he can put good touch on deep balls, but he needs to continue to develop his accuracy on throws over 15 yards. Also occasionally will tend to not lead receivers far enough on out routes towards the sideline, which could be catastrophic at the NFL level.


-Production/FCS Competition. You would think that for Wentz to be in the conversation of being a Top 5 QB in this draft out of an FCS school like North Dakota State he would have to have thrown for 350+ yard and 3+ TDs per game, but that simply wasn't the case. In fact, Wentz averaged only 194.4 passing YPG in 2014 and 235.9 in 2015. Wentz was dominant when you watch him, but his numbers are pedestrian. Also, the team didn't seem to skip a beat when he missed 8 games this season due to injury, so that's something to note. 




-Wentz is a sharp, charismatic, natural-born leader who teammates will be drawn to like moths to flame. He comes across as an extremely likeable guy who is humble about his opportunity to potentially be the first QB taken in April, but also makes no apologies for his hype frenzy, since he has worked extremely hard to get to this point.

-Wentz attended Bismarck Century High School in North Dakota, where he played both quarterback and defensive back, explaining his elite athleticism. He entered his freshman year at 5'8", but by was scraping 6'5" by the time of graduation.


-2× NCAA Division I Championship Game Most Outstanding Player (2015, 2016)


-2× CoSIDA Division I First-team Academic All-American (2014–2015) and 2015 CoSIDA Acadamic All-American of the Year.




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HEIGHT: 6052


40 YARD TIME: 4.77

10 YARD SPLIT: 1.66


3 CONE DRILL: 6.86



BEST TEAM FITS: Browns, 49ers, Eagles, Rams





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