Ready to make some money via Draft Kings again!?


Well come on in...the water's warm. We are one year wiser & one year handsomer....so without further ado, lets get into it:



Safe- Kirk Cousins ($7,400)

He may look like the aquatics coordinator at your local YMCA, but this guy can SLING IT. Expect the Redskins to realize how little they can run and open it up for Captain Kirk. The Steelers were 28th ranked vs the pass last year, the kid's gonna eat. Oh, and we haven't even seen Josh Doctson yet...


Value-  Brock Osweiler ($6,300)

I know what you're thinking, he's the worst QB in a bad divsion....but hear me out. I'm saying he'll destroy it this week, this is a VALUE pick up at his price. I mean, Matt Ryan's going for almost $1K more (-__-) . Need more convincing? Nuk Hopkins fades and Lamar Miller screens. He has some legit weapons this year.



Safe- Todd Gurley ($7,800)

Remember when people feared the 49er's defense and not what kind of socks their backup QB wears to practice? That defense is SOFT now & Todd Gurley the 3rd is not. Expect a heavy load to be put on the 22 year old's back while they figure out their QB situation.


Value- Thomas Rawls ($6,000)

Miami was 31st against RBs last year and didn't do much to add to the interior this offseason. I expect the game to get out hand fairly quickly, which means Seahawks RBs eating time of possession. Rawls should get plenty of touches to prove he's a RB1.



Safe- DeAndre Hopkins ($8,800)

He's the most underrated WR in the game. Hopkins had 117 catches for 1590 yards & 11 TDs last year. Think about that game average (7 catches 100 yards .7TDs per game). Take that vs. the Bears D every damn day. 


Value- Kelvin Benjamin ($5,700)

Yes he's coming off of an ACL tear. Yes the Broncos have an elite defense. Yes he may be on a pitch out. All of these deter most, but he's the Cam Newton of WR's (size & swag for days). I expect the team will need their huge red zone target to maximize every drive in this early contender for Game of the Year.



Safe- Jordan Reed ($6,600)

Gone are the days that he will show up for <$5K. He's no longer a value, but he's a damn good pick regardless. He's the best target on a stacked pass offense in Washington. He had only 3 games where he scored single digits last year.


Value- Eric Ebron ($3,900)

IF HE SUITS UP***, he could ball out. The kid has the raw talent to be the next big TE - will this be the year it finally shows up? He missed all of Preseason, but someone has to save this Lions offense (Golden can't do it on his own.) Take him against a soft Indy D that is without Vontae Davis (injury) and Jerell Freeman (Free Agency), whom was responsible for covering the TE in 2015.



Safe- LA Rams DST ($3,800)

They’re playing against Blaine Gabbert. Yes, you read this last year. Yes, that strategy worked last time as well.


Value- Giants DST ($2,700)

I'll take the defense that added Vernon, Snacks & Janoris Jenkins over the team that has a rookie QB/RB tandem starting their very first game in the NFL.

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