September 14, 2016


Did you crush it last week by using Eric Ebron & KB13, as I suggested? Week 1 was quite weird. Gurley & AP got shut out, AB might be the GOAT (at receiving & sexual TD dances), and Trevor Siemian beat the Panthers...what a time to be alive. Any who, here's your Week 2 Hall's Calls!



Safe- Ben Roethlisberger ($7,500)

He's 34 years old and playing the best football of his life. The match ups are pretty tough this week. I'm worried Cam still can't count to ten, Luck has to play that Denver D that beat up Cam, and Drew Brees is on the road (doesn't play as well) & just too damn expensive. Ben's weapons are too dangerous & he's too hot to slow down... even against their rival, the Bengals.


Value-  Carson Palmer ($6,900)

Man, QBs are expensive this year. This is actually a true value for Carson, though. He put up 271 yards and 2 TDs vs. the Pats last week...I expect even better stats vs the Bucs.



Safe- DeAngelo Williams ($7,800)

Holy crap, what a game last week. NFL-high 143 yards & 2 TDs to add to them. He even caught 6 balls. The Steelers simply aren't changing their offense, they're just giving him 100% of what Le'Veon would usually handle. He's cutting and busting through the gap like he's 10 years younger right now.


Value- Jonathan Stewart ($5,400)

The Panthers simply cant have Cam taking those kind of hits all season, so in comes J-Stew. He averaged 4.3 per carry vs. the stifling Denver D. San Fran won't be able to focus on him like they did Gurley, seeing how Cam Newton is a bit better than Blaine Gabbert....



Safe- Antonio Brown ($9,900)

He's the most valuable and the most expensive person on DraftKings. Bashuad Breeland was playing good coverage last week, but it just didnt matter. Great coverage was getting smoked by perfect routes/timing/throws. AB & Big Ben might be this generation's Manning & Wayne.


Value- Stefon Diggs ($5,100)

We need someone cheap if we're taking AB this week. Stefon may have a cheap price tag, but his play didn't show it (103 yards on 7 catches last week). He's obviously the Vikings best receiver on the field. Green Bay will be focusing on bottling up the running game with Dom Capers' run blitz scheme, just like the Titans did. Can you Diggs it?



Safe- Greg Olsen ($5,600)

Week 1 wasn't the week of the TE, that's for sure. Greg Olsen is Cam's TE1/WR2. He's the second most important part of their offense and they need a win. He led the team in receptions last week, so expect more of the same moving forward.


Value- Eric Ebron ($3,500)

We got 46 yards and a TD from him last week, and he got even cheaper? I'll take those numbers, for that price, againt the Titans all day.



Safe- Seahawks DST ($3,800)

If the 49er's can shut out the Rams.... yeah, let's go Hawks.


Value- Patriots DST ($3,000)

The Dolphins are an absolute WRECK. They miss a guy that they didn't even use correctly (Lamar Miller). Expect the Pats to take advantage of their misfortunes.

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