September 20, 2016


Three and Out is a weekly ScouTurf feature where we break down which three teams' stocks are dropping like a pass to Ted Ginn and which three are skyrocketing in the power rankings following the previous week of the NFL season.




The Vikings had a lot of pressure on themselves heading into a prime time match up on Sunday Night Football against a strong division rival to open their brand new stadium, and they delivered. Despite losing Adrian Peterson to a torn meniscus, Mike Zimmer and his Vikings team showed resiliency and an ability to evolve and adapt their offense to find success. Sam Bradford hung tough in the pocket and played through a mangled hand that looked like a laceration that will soon turn you into a zombie, which really changes the narrative on him being made of glass. If the Vikings defense can keep playing at this level and the Bradford to Stefon Diggs connection can stay strong like a Starbucks wifi signal, the Vikings can make some noise this year. On a side note, did you know that over the last 8 weeks, Blaine Gabbert has scored more fantasy points than Aaron Rodgers?


Did Vikings GM Rick Spielman make a genius move in bringing in Sam Bradford?



When the Raiders vs. Falcons game went into "shootout mode" late into the game, I thought it was RIP Falcons. The team has a propensity under Dan Quinn to crumble late in games but this wasn't the case in Oakland. The encouraging thing is they didn't resort to just throwing YOLO balls to Julio Jones, but rather found players like Tevin Coleman to pick up some slack for this offense. What's even more impressive is the Falcons were able to take care of business on the road on the West coast, which is traditionally difficult to do for East coast teams.




The Texans have a 2-0 lead in what looks like a weak AFC South division and get to go up against a Jacoby Brissett-led team on Thursday Night Football. While Brock Osweiler has been up and down in his first two showings, it looks like he is a big improvement over Brian Hoyer and should only continue to get better as he immerses himself into Bill O'Brien's playbook and generates chemistry with his young receivers. Speaking of Texans young receivers, first round pick Will Fuller became the first rookie to open his campaign with back-to-back 100-yard games, reaping the benefits of a double-covered Deandre Hopkins. Also, knock on wood, but Jadeveon Clowney has been healthy for two games in a row and is playing like the first overall pick in the draft.






The Colts have played two decent teams to start the season 0-2, but the simple fact of the matter is not even Andrew Luck can hide that bad roster. I have been extremely critical of GM Ryan Grigson, and if the Colts don't win more than 6 games this year (which I think is a real possibility), both Grigson and Pagano can be gone. I know some of you are saying, "but Jim Irsay just gave them extensions!" I don't care. Irsay doesn't care about money or sunk costs and is growing impatient with a team that seems to only be going backwards with a $100 million quarterback. 




It's hard to understand why the Bills defense, with essentially the same personnel as 2014 that was dominant under Jim Schwartz, took such a big step back in 2015 under Rex. Well, 2016 looks to be no different. With a defensive-minded coach like Ryan, that's a bad look, and firing the only other coach on staff who would be a good interim head coach candidate in Greg Roman is an even worse look. The Bills were a Super Bowl pick by PFF's Sam Monson, but after two weeks, you have to feel like their chances are slim to none to even push for the playoffs at this point. At what point do the Bills players get sick of Rex's antics and he loses the locker room? Stay tuned.


How much longer will the Ryan brothers be in Buffalo?



I'm sure you've already seen this statistic that Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk tweeted, but out of 170 Head Coaches in NFL history to coach at least 50 games, Gus Bradley's 12-38 record ranks almost dead last (169th). The organization has constantly used rebuilding as a crutch, but now in year 4 under this regime, there is no excuse to be losing 35-0 going into the 4th quarter to a Chargers team that lost Keenan Allen and Danny Woodhead. When you have a player like Paul Posluszny lining up man-to-man on a 4.3 speed receiver like Travis Benjamin, you know the problem is with X's and O's, not Bobbys and Joes. The run game is anemic and Greg Olsen has more screens in his playbook than a Home Depot. The biggest head-scratcher? Rookie 2nd round pick linebacker Myles Jack not seeing the field until late in the 4th quarter doing mop-up duty. What the hell is going on in Duval County?


A picture of a superior AFC South coach and a fan.


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