September 28, 2016


Three and Out is a weekly ScouTurf feature where we break down which three teams' stocks are dropping like a pass to Ted Ginn and which three are skyrocketing in the power rankings following the previous week of the NFL season.




Carson Wentz is the top rated QB in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus. No, not top rated rookie QB. Top rated QB. Like, out of all the QBs in the NFL and the world, he's number one. Maybe he should fill fellow-NDSU Bison alum Gus Bradley in on what it would take to win a game in the NFL. Kidding aside, as hot as Wentz's ginger head is right now, it's Jim Schwartz and the Eagles defense that his this team on a roll right now. The Eagles defensive unit is currently 4th in YPG (274.3), 2nd in Rushing YPG (71.0), tied for 3rd in Sacks (10.0), and are allowing a league-best 9 points per game this season. NINE. I wouldn't expect Eagles fans to get too comfortable to Schwartz being around, though, since he will be a premier head coaching candidate this coming offseason, and I wouldn't be surprised if he takes QB Coach John DeFilippo with him.


Carson Wentz is the top-rated QB in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus



When Trevor Siemian was named the starting QB, I thought this Broncos team would be flirting with an 8-8 season and fighting for a Wild Card spot with Kansas City and an AFC North team. But the thing about Siemian is he is actually an upgrade over what they got from the QB position last season - a year which resulted in a Super Bowl. As long as Von Miller stays healthy and the secondary continues to take away perimeter threats, this team is primed for another deep postseason run behind a much-improved offensive line. Do yourself a favor and next time you see Broncos center Matt Paradis pancake someone just start singing his name to the tune of Colplay's "Paradise."




You know how Wentz is the top-rated QB according to PFF so far this season? Well, Dak Prescott is 4th. These dudes don't turn the ball over, and it's almost like putting a rookie QB behind an elite offensive line and a talented running game is a good idea. The Cowboys defense is still horrible (don't be surprised if 100% of their draft picks this coming April are on defense), but Prescott not turning the ball over may be just enough to keep the Cowboys competitive late into December. The Cowboys defense is currently ranked 22nd in the NFL in YPG (379.0) and can't wait for Demarcus Lawrence to return from suspension next week.






Drew Brees and Sean Payton are 0-3, and somewhere Rob Ryan is smiling when he sees that the Saints defense has allowed 448 yards per game and 96 total points so far. It is mind-blowing that a team with a Hall of Fame QB for the last decade could not figure out their defense, which isn't rocket science. But when a quarter of your salary cap is wasted in dead money to players like Junior Gallette and Jahri Evans (who re-signed anyway LOL), you have to look at the General Manager. Mickey Loomis gotta go, and I would expect the Saints to try and revitalize that defensive unit this offseason before the Brees window closes.



Can the Saints get some defensive production before the sun sets on Brees' career?



It's only 3 games into the season and the Panthers have already lost more games in 2016 than they did all of 2015. I understand where GM Dave Gettleman was coming from in removing the Franchise Tag designation from Josh Norman, but you just can't help to think how important of a player he was to Carolina's defense last year. On offense, if the Panthers don't do something to address the offensive tackle position this offseason, I don't know how much longer Cam Newton can keep playing. The Panthers have allowed an NFL-high 12 sacks through the first three weeks of the 2016 season. Lo and behold, we have two NFC North teams on the downswing this week, and the Atlanta Falcons sans pass rush are leading the division. Who would have thought?




Uhhh hey J.J. maybe you are human after all? Between getting shut out to Jacoby Brissett on national television to losing their face of the franchise J.J. Watt who accounts for 1.5 points per game all by his lonesome, the Texans are in a position where they can fall into a funk for this next stretch of games. The AFC South is horrible, and the result of this weekend's London match up between the Indianapolis Colts and Jacksonville Jaguars may cause a huge ripple effect in this division. If the Jaguars lose, the Colts may get into a hot streak and Gus Bradley might get fired going into the bye week. If the Jaguars win, they all-of-sudden can go on a roll, since they are 9-14 in games following their London trip.


Live look at the moment when Watt injured his back. Sad!


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