October 19, 2016


Three and Out is a weekly ScouTurf feature where we break down which three teams' stocks are dropping like a pass to Will Fuller and which three are skyrocketing in the power rankings following the previous week of the NFL season.




When the Jacksonville Jaguars square off against the Oakland Raiders this upcoming Sunday, it will be 28 days since their last loss. The last time this happened was all the way in 2010, when the Jaguars finished 8-8 under Head Coach Jack Del Rio. Speaking of Jack, Del Rio will be making his return to Duval this weekend in a huge statement game for both teams. Whoever can come away from this with the W (it should be Oakland) will get some serious momentum heading into the next stretch of the season. The Jaguars are now 2-3 with two wins against bad teams, but the young defense is gelling at the right time (ranked 4th in Yards with 1607). If the QB (who shall not be named) can step up and be average, they can use this as a launch point to 8-8, just like 2010.


After allowing 6 catches for 90 yards to Alshon jeffery in the first half, Jalen Ramsey stoned him in the second and won the game for the Jags



It's no surprise that the Chargers are a much better team these last two games with Joey Bosa on the field. Despite missing the first four games of the season, Bosa already leads all NFL rookie pass rushers with 14 QB pressures and has wreaked havoc for John Pagano's defense. What is a surprise is that San Diego, a team ravaged by injuries this season, was able to dominate a Denver Broncos team on Thursday night and come away with a huge division win. This teams is two mental gaffes (see: Kansas City & New Orleans games) away from being tied for the division lead. You can tell the players are going to use the momentum from this last win and the few extra days rest to make a statement in the coming weeks.




If you had the Dolphins beating the Steelers this week, you are either a liar or a genius or a genius liar. The Dolphins finally put the weight of their offense on their running game, and Jay Ajayi rewarded Adam Gase with a 204 yard performance on the ground. Ajayi will be a hot name on the waiver wire this week and should be anointed the starter moving forward, but this was a big win for Gase and company. The bad news is they are in a division with New England and (I can't believe I'm saying this) the Buffalo Bills, so the result may be a little too late. Tannehill is going to need to use the rest of the season to prove to Gase that he is the franchise QB he was drafted to be, but the Dolphins front office also needs to do a better job of investing in talent to protect Tannehill outside of just Laremy Tunsil.






If you watched the game against the Dallas Cowboys at Lambeau, you already know the major storyline. Who stole Aaron Rodgers' body? Rodgers came across extremely defensive a few weeks ago in an interview, something that is uncharacteristic of the normally "cool" QB, and his inability to hit wide open targets with plenty of time to operate behind an offensive line that is playing at a high level is concerning. I'm still a long ways away from declaring Aaron Rodgers to be "broken," but I think we can all agree that he is going to need to play at a higher level moving forward if the Packers are going to have any chance of making the postseason, especially with recent news that RB Eddy Lacey is going to be out for several weeks with an ankle injury.



Aaron Rodgers is far from "broken," but he needs to play better for the Packers to make the postseason



If the NFL Draft were tomorrow, the Panthers would be picking 2nd overall. We could be looking at the next 2012 (14-2) to 2013 (2-14) Houston Texans before our very eyes. /Extreme Forrest Gump voice: And that's all I got to say about that. 




The Steelers chances of winning this upcoming Sunday against the New England Patriots were bleak to begin with, but now with Big Ben out of the mix, they are simply non-existent. The Steelers suffered a humbling loss against the Miami Dolphins this week, but make no mistake about it - Big Ben going down was the biggest loss of the day. Landry Jones is going to have to shoulder the burden here for the next few weeks. Luckily for Pittsburgh, the Steelers have a bye week after the Patriots game and Ben is a quick healer. Regardless, the Steelers need to invest a fairly high draft pick (or some free agency cash) this offseason on a decent backup QB, since Ben will be turning 35 next season and hasn't played in all 16 games since 2014. I would expect Steelers GM Kevin Colbert to target a developmental QB like Mason Rudolph in the second or third round in this upcoming draft. They will need to address their pedestrian pass rush with earlier picks, which is currently ranked 30th in the NFL with only 8 sacks on the season.


Live look at the moment when Ben injured his knee. Sad!


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