January 31, 2017


What makes ScouTurf unique from many other websites dedicated to the NFL Draft? We have comprised grading formulas that allocate an overall number grade for a player out of 100, similar to grades you would find playing Madden. This allows us to create a comprehensive Big Board that can be organized by player grade numbers.


Our first 35 points of our evaluation are centered around scouting critical factors, which you can read more about here.

As far as Offensive Linemen are concerned, the position trait grading evaluation is comprised of the following, up to 55 total points:


Pass Blocking

Up to 15 total points, this is broken down into 3 sections (each up to 5 points):


Kick Slide

How well can he move laterally? How efficient is his kick slide?



Does he match pass rushers' movements? Does he struggle with speed rushers? Does he have a difficult time with rips, swim, spins?



Can the blocker anchor when bull rushed? Does he ever get put "on skates?"


Run Blocking

Up to 15 total points, this is broken down into 3 sections (each up to 5 points):


Pulling Ability

Does the player have the athleticism to pull around and lead block? Can he drive defenders at POA?


In Space

How quickly can he get to the second level? Can he reach and break contain off the snap?


Leg Drive

Does he struggle against power rushers in the run game? Can he consistently drive players back and create running lanes?



Up to 15 total points, this is broken down into 3 sections (each up to 5 points):



Does the player show quick feet? How is his kick slide? Does he get too wide in his base on contact? Can he generate up-field control?


Hand Usage/Technique

Does the player exhibit "heavy" hands? How quick is his punch? Is he shooting his hands inside a defender's frame consistently?


Penalty Prone

Does he often get called for holding penalties? False starts? Does he lack concentration?



Up to 10 total points, this is broken down into 2 sections (each up to 5 points):



Does he finish blocks with authority? Does the player give the same effort on the second level or out in space?


Mean Streak

Also known as attitude. Does the player show nastiness in his blocking?



Each of the above position traits are scored individually out of 5 total points, totaling up to 55 points for a player evaluation. The grading scale is as follows:



4-Good/Above Average


2-Marginal/Below Average


Lastly, we factor in Maturity (up to 5 points) and Production (up to 5 points) to comprise the 10 points of the player evaluation. Maturity factors in any character issues that have surfaced for a player while in college (failed drug tests, arrest, academic ineligibility, domestic violence, published and verified stories of lack of leadership, etc.). Production factors in how active a player was in accumulating statistics necessary during his career to help differentiate himself among his peers within their Conference or their Team.



With the 2017 NFL Draft Season in full swing, you can see player evaluations from ScouTurf's team of Draft Analysts by searching a player's name in our Blog section or under our 2017 Draft Player Rankings Pages if that player falls within our Top 10 Rankings in that position.

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