February 28, 2017



2017 TEAM: Minnesota Vikings


The Packers seem to have some interest in retaining Lacy, which is a bit of a surprise considering all the frustrations the club has had with his weight issues. If the Packers choose to go in a different direction, there is a division rival lurking that might be ready to pounce quickly. The Vikings are likely going to release Adrian Peterson if he doesn't re-structure his contract, and if that is the case they will need to look elsewhere to bolster their running game, which was one of the worst in the NFL this past season. Lacy is a productive power back who can make a bad offensive line look a lot better. If Peterson is released, my money is on him landing with the New York Giants to contend for a division title.




2017 TEAM: Oakland Raiders


The Raiders are going to let Murray test the market, but the expectation is still that he returns to Oakland. The Raiders have an impressive young offensive nucleus that needs to stay together and they have somewhere near $50 million in cap space heading into Free Agency. Murray is the only back on their roster who can pound it 20 times a game between the tackles.




2017 TEAM: Seattle Seahawks


Although the Patriots have a ton of coin to spend, it would be surprising if Blount ends up returning. Blount, who went to school in the Pacific Northwest at Oregon, could be the battering ram RB that the Seahawks have direly missed since Marshawn Lynch retired, and Pete Carroll could handle his personality.




2017 TEAM: Washington Redskins


McFadden gives the Redskins something a little different than they currently have at the RB position, but I still expect the Skins to target a rookie RB in this deep class. In fact, the RB class is so deep in this upcoming Draft that players like McFadden might need to wait until May to ultimately sign with their 2017 club.




2017 TEAM: Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Jennings' best days are behind him, but his experience could still bode well for Tampa, who is flushed with cap space and need some insurance at the position. Doug Martin had an enormously disappointing season after getting paid and Charles James has struggled to stay healthy in the NFL, making a player like Jennings a desirable veteran pickup. 




2017 TEAM: Los Angeles Chargers


Woodhead suffered a gruesome non-contact knee injury last season against Jacksonville and just turned 32 in January. His days as a primary receiving back are behind him, but the Chargers need veteran depth at the position and Woodhead is already familiar with Ken Whisenhunt's offense. Woodhead is also a team player and can contribute on Special Teams.




2017 TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers


A common theme amongst these Free Agent RBs this year is age. If you thought Jennings and Woodhead were old, Williams is going to be 34 when the season starts. Williams has shown he can still be productive as a backup behind Le'Veon Bell in Pittsburgh, and it would not be surprising if he returned on a minimum deal for one last season. What would be surprising is if Williams joined a new team at this stage in his career, with retirement being the more likely option in that scenario.




2017 TEAM: Buffalo Bills


The Niagara Falls native and University of Buffalo alum would be a nice depth option behind LeSean McCoy and there's room on Sean McDermott's new roster for a capable runner like Starks.




2017 TEAM: San Francisco 49ers


Although Rodgers left Atlanta before Shanahan took over as OC, he is a useful third down back that could be a nice complimentary piece behind Carlos Hyde and whoever else they bring in with the upcoming Draft.





2017 TEAM: Jacksonville Jaguars


Tom Coughlin and Doug Marrone are going back to smash mouth football with a Fullback, and Coughlin mentioned in a recent presser that he wants his Fullback to be able to catch passes out of the backfield. Juszczyk could soon become the highest-paid Fullback in NFL history in an era where the position is slowly becoming extinct.




2017 TEAM: San Francisco 49ers


Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers will likely continue raiding the Falcons organization, and he gets his franchise Fullback by poaching one of the best in the league in Patrick DiMarco. The 49ers haven't had a true Fullback on their roster since Bruce Miller.




2017 TEAM: Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Tolbert was a cap casualty who faded from the Panthers offense in 2016, but still has a few seasons left in him. Tolbert could land in the NFC East with the Bucs and help revitalize their style running game.






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