Rodgers CRUSHED 2017 until the injury. If you extrapolated his numbers out over a full season, he'd have over 4,000 yards, 40+ TDs and only 10 INTs. He will put up numbers no matter who is around him. He's the LeBron of QBs, so feel safe taking him as your QB1.



The only thing worse than the Seahawks' run game is their offensive line. Normally this would plummet any guy down the list of fantasy QBs….unless you're Russell Wilson. He's the scrambling QB that you always created when you made your create-a-player in EA's NCAA Football (RIP). He led the league in TDs (34) and was just shy of 4,000 yards. Those numbers would be great on their own, THEN you get to add the fact that he's averaged over 500 yards rushing and 3 more TDs per year on the ground. 



It blows my mind that a 41-year-old who's scared of tomatoes is your third-best option at QB next year. He gets the nod over the next three names on this list due to a lack of injury concerns powered by an insatiable appetite for avocados. Brady has thrown for over 4,000 yards the last full six seasons, and it's just bad business to bet against the goat. You can basically bet on 30 TDs and single-digit INTs. 



There are some serious concerns with his offensive line. His left takle Matt Kalil seriously struggled, giving up eight sacks on the year in 2017, and nothing he's shown in preseason thus far should assuage your fears. Next to Kalil is a literal mammoth-sized hole, as first-team all pro guard Andrew Norwell is now plying his trade in Duval. With all of that said, Super Cam is an elite athlete that has rushed for 10 TDs twice in his career. He comes in with some of the best weapons he's had in a while: A healthy Greg Olsen, a year stronger Christian McCaffrey, & a promising talent in rookie WR DJ Moore. People also forget that he was the second-highest scoring QB last year...



It seems ludicrous to take a QB that's only played seven games in his career… unless you watched any of those seven games. Once Watson got used to the speed of the NFL game, he was unstoppable, throwing 16 TDs in his last four games before tearing his ACL. He has an elite weapon at wide receiver (Hopkins) and one of the best pass catchers/playmakers starting at RB (Miller). The only thing bigger than than Watson's potential next year is Iggy Azalea's...



Despite tearing his ACL late in 2017, Wentz finished the year with 3,300 yards and 33 TDs in only 13 games. Wentz would have likely been a 4,000 & 40 guy last year and seriously challenged Todd Gurley for MVP honors. The Eagles re-signed Alshon Jeffrey to a fat contract and gave Carson a new shiny red zone toy in second round pick Dallas Goedert, who has been unstoppable in training camp.



He was a top-six fantasy QB on the Redskins. Yeah, those Redskins with no real receiving threats. He's averaged about 4,500 yards and 26 TDs with 13 INTs over the past couple of seasons with mediocre talent around him. This year he walks onto a Super Bowl contender and arguably the best WR tandem in the league. But with the recent season-ending injury to starting guard Nick Easton, does he have the blocking up front necessary to go through his reads?



The man is a 4,300 yard, 30 TD MACHINE. The last year he didn’t hit one of those two numbers was 2012. He's as sure a thing in fantasy production as you calling them the San Diego Chargers at least once this year.



Revamping the Saints offense to have a bit more of a run focus has only extended the timeline on Drew Brees' greatness. Last year he threw over 100 less passes; the fewest attempts in the past seven seasons! His yards per game number was down but this new offense somehow increased his efficiency, as his .4 yards per attempt boost and league-leading 72% completion rate was a new NFL record.



You can grab him in the later rounds and he's a KILLER value pick. Matthew Stafford is the reason why you can wait to grab a QB unless you want to collect your favorite players like Pokemon cards. Currently, he's being selected as the 99th player off the board on average. Just know you can wait for 4,000 yards and 25 TDs.





Jared Goff - He's as sexy of a pick as his coach right now. If he's around late, I'd take a chance on the kid. McVay is a wizard and Todd Gurley is evolving into a top-five offensive weapon  (788 yards RECEIVING and 6 TDs for TG30).


Jimmy Garoppolo - I'm passing on the Jimmy Goat. He's a hot name without all the fantasy stats to back it up. If you stretched his stats a whole season, he'd had finished 2017 with 18TDs and 13Ints. Another factor is that he lacks a true #1 WR (sorry Pierre Garcon).


Alex Smith - The guy I'm going to take as my backup QB this year. Last year was his best year, not a fluke. He has great weapons and the second-easiest schedule for QBs this year. Expect Kirk Cousins-like numbers (with a little more running) when Smith takes on Jay Gruden's offense this year.


Ben Roethlisberger - "BIG Ben" isn’t the definition of peak physical fitness and has taken a LOT of hits over the years. The drop in productivity is coming, and my guess is that it's this year. He has the third-most difficult schedule for a QB and they're going to run Bell to the ground this year before he leaves in free agency. A crazy statistic to remember: Ben's only been a top-eight fantasy QB just TWICE in 14 years. F-O-U-R-T-E-E-N Y-E-A-R-S.


Blake Bortles - if Budweiser completion percentage mattered in fantasy, the BOAT would be my number one overall pick. That's all I wanted to say about that.














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