August 14, 2019


After posting our initial offense and defense rankings for the 2019 NFL season earlier this week, below is our official preseason potential order for the 2020 NFL Draft.


Before we get further into that, have you ever wondered which teams have the highest/lowest projected win totals? This NFL win totals tracker compares the odds for all 32 teams across the board.


Please note that these team rankings below are purely based on our ScouTurf formulas, which all 32 NFL rosters are graded the same, and does not take into consideration things like team head coach caliber, strength of schedule, etc. While these aren't necessarily "power rankings," our roster formulas have been fairly accurate in predicting NFL draft order aside from the token few outliers that pop out every year.



Rankings go from projected first overall pick to thirty-two, and the team's overall roster grade is in parentheses.


1. Miami Dolphins (80.37)

2. New York Giants (80.42)

3. Oakland Raiders (80.89)


These are the three teams to come in under 81 overall, and since we've been putting out these preseason formula grades in 2014, teams that fall under 81 end up with a top five NFL draft selection 91% of the time. That's bad news if you're a Dolphins, Giants, or Raiders fan.


4. Washington Redskins (81.21)

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (81.45)

6. Cincinnati Bengals (81.67)

7. New York Jets (81.69)

8. Arizona Cardinals (81.71)

9. Denver Broncos (81.99)


If the Redskins end up with a top five pick, you have to think that likely ends Jay Gruden's tenure in the nation's capital. Three teams in the 81 block are within .04 points of each other in Cincinnati, New York, and Arizona, which is incredibly close and fluid. The Broncos just miss out on the 82 group, and the strength of the Chiefs and Chargers in the AFC West do them no favors when it comes to schedule and projected record.


10. Baltimore Ravens (82.12)

11. Buffalo Bills (82.32)

12. Jacksonville Jaguars (82.68)

13. Detroit Lions (82.82)

14. Seattle Seahawks (82.82)


The 82 block is what I usually call the "purgatory" block. These are those teams that will try and challenge for 7-9 or 8-8 and are too good to earn a high-caliber draft pick and not quite good enough to seriously contend for a playoff spot. The Ravens will be an intriguing team to monitor this year with their unique offense championed by Greg Roman and Lamar Jackson, and the Bills are a team that are building in the right way. The Jaguars are a pure crapshoot right now with a new quarterback in Nick Foles. I will give credit to the Seahawks and Pete Carroll, however, as it feels like every year Seattle is spit out a little low on our formula ratings and they always are playing meaningful games in December.


15. San Francisco 49ers (83.08)

16. Tennessee Titans (83.42)

17. Atlanta Falcons (83.45)

18. Cleveland Browns (83.56)

19. Houston Texans (83.58)

20. Dallas Cowboys (83.61)

21. Carolina Panthers (83.73)

22. Pittsburgh Steelers (83.82)

23. Minnesota Vikings (83.87)

24. Green Bay Packers (83.90)

25. Los Angeles Chargers (83.96)


The 83 block is the "playoff" block. Any of these teams above are serious contenders for earning a playoff spot depending on how a ball bounces throughout the season. The fun part is that outside of the AFC West, AFC East, NFC East, and NFC West, there are two teams from each division in this block alone, so we should see some great match ups and the divisional match ups will prove crucial in who inches ahead by the fourth quarter of the season.


26. Indianapolis Colts (84.02)

27. New England Patriots (84.29)

28. Los Angeles Rams (84.61)

29. Kansas City Chiefs (84.82)

30. Chicago Bears (84.83)


Most of the teams in the 84 block are virtual shoe-ins to win their respective divisions and are serious challengers for a Super Bowl run. The Colts is the lone team in this block with an asterisk, as their success is largely contingent on the health of Andrew Luck.


31. Philadelphia Eagles (85.67)


Philadelphia will need to prove that they can make a run with their new handsomely-paid franchise quarterback Carson Wentz, and hopefully his back can hold up for 16 games this year without Nick Foles as insurance. 


32. New Orleans Saints (86.08)


Obviously, we can't have an NFC vs. NFC Super Bowl, leaving our official Super Bowl pick this year as Saints vs. Chiefs. The Saints are the lone 86 team and are only the third team that has earned a grade of 86+ since beginning our roster formulas in 2014. Not even a pass interference call can stop them this year with the new NFL rules!


We will be using our formula rankings throughout the season whenever we post our in-season seven round mock drafts throughout the year. Every week, our staff reviews game film from all NFL games and adjust player rating scores, which in turn will affect the team formula. 






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