October 9, 2018



"Three & Out" is a weekly feature where we highlight three teams that dropped as well as three teams that moved on up in the ScouTurf team rankings formula based on their performance from their previous game.


We watch every NFL game from the previous weekend before making an assessment, and these are this week's big winners and losers:



New York Jets

The Jets have been one of the most up-and-down teams so far this season, and that's pretty much par for the course when you're starting the youngest QB in NFL history. Their defense has kept them in games this season, and offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates did a good job of manufacturing a running game with a 200+ yard Isaiah Crowell performance to help his young signal caller out. Darnold barely competed double-digit passes, yet they still won big thanks to an chemistry spark with wide receiver Robbie Anderson, who had been a complete afterthought until this week. They'll continue to have a weird season in 2018, but they should set themselves nicely for 2019. The real question - will Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan be around to see it?



Cleveland Browns

The Browns are a competent officiating crew and decent kicker away from being 4-1. Perhaps this is an indictment on Hue Jackson on why they only have two wins, but they are firmly on the right track and it looks like 30s a charm in finally finding their franchise quarterback in Baker Mayfield. The defense is terrifying under Gregg Williams and general manager John Dorsey has done a nice job in assembling some talent. The Browns are essentially where the Jaguars were in 2016 right before they fired their loser head coach Gus Bradley and the sooner they make the switch to interim head coach Todd Haley like the Jags did Doug Marrone, the better. Barring a miracle playoff appearance, the Browns should throw the farm at Lincoln Riley this offseason to re-unite him with Mayfield and be the next Sean McVay-type prodigy in the NFL.



Detroit Lions

The Lions have been one of the most Jekyll and Hyde teams in the NFL this year under first year head coach Matt Patricia. One week they look like they've never played football before, and the next week they are knocking off NFL blue bloods like the Patriots and Packers. Granted, the Lions probably lose this past week's game if Mason Crosby doesn't have an all-time collapse with four missed field goals, but they are showing good spirit and the running game is finally coming to life under rookie Kerryon Johnson. Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn will need to invest resources to rebuilding their defensive line this offseason, but luckily for them, this year's draft class will give them plenty of opportunities to do so.




Atlanta Falcons

Snake-bitten by injuries on the defensive side of the ball, the fact that the Falcons are 1-4 despite putting up 30+ points on a weekly basis is reason for panic throughout the first five weeks of the season. The Falcons have some winnable games in the next five weeks against the Bucs, Giants, Redskins, Browns, and Cowboys, but if they can't glean at least three wins in that stretch, they will be cooked. Tevin Coleman has done well as the feature back in Devonta Freeman's absence, but can he rush the passer or cover? That's what they're missing.



Denver Broncos

The Broncos have now dropped their last three games in a row, including giving up a ten point fourth quarter lead at home to a division rival on Monday Night Football. Vance Joseph needed his vaunted defense to have a bounce back game against rookie quarterback Sam Darnold, but they got stomped on the road and his seat is getting awfully toasty right now. In fact, they've only won their two games this season by a combined four points against the Seahawks and Raiders. If the Broncos can't at least go 2-2 in their next four games against the Rams, Cardinals, Chiefs, and Texans, they will be in deep trouble. If they lose to the Rams and then the Cardinals, Joseph may not even make it into the bye week.



Tennessee Titans

The Titans past ten days: Potential Mariota career-defining turning point moment in an impressive overtime win against the Super Bowl champion Eagles, Taylor Lewan demanding more national respect from the media, Taylor Lewan and Tennessee getting scorched on television by Kyle Brandt, losing a one-point game to the Bills. I don't know what to do with this team right now. Who are you? WHO ARE YOU!?




Here are the ScouTurf roster rankings following week five:







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