March 29, 2018



Height: 6042 | Weight: 227 | Arm: 32 1/4" | Hand: 9 3/4" | 40YD: 4.55 | Bench: 17 | Broad: 122" | Vertical: 38"


Allen Lazard is a fourth-year senior lined up at X Receiver in Matt Campbell's version of the Cyclones spread offense. In 48 career starts, Lazard holds Iowa State's all-time receptions record and is the NCAA leader for most consecutive games with a reception. Lazard showed some inconsistency in finishing routes and getting his timing down with QBs at the Senior Bowl, but did a good job of making adjustments as the week progressed.


Lazard is tall and strong with long arms and huge hands that he pairs with explosive leaping ability and kinesthetic sense to manipulate his body in the air and make plays outside the numbers along the sideline. Pairing his 6'4" frame with 38 inch vertical leap makes him a an attractive prospect for any team looking for a red zone target, and his 4.55 forty yard dash for his size came in a full tenth of a second faster than most scouts were anticipating. 


As an X, Lazard lines up mostly right on the line of scrimmage and routinely beat Press with a combination of a sudden first step paired with strong, quick hands to knock away a defender's hands. While Lazard's body type and pass catching skill set translates well to Red Zone situations, where Lazard is particularly effective, he also possesses the ability to run routes in the Short and Intermediate game. Lazard uses his long frame and thick base to box out DBs on Curl routes and consistently extends his arms to amplify his catch radius and  grip the ball away from his body. Lazard is proficient at running the Corner route where he uses his height and coordination to track the ball over his shoulder and keep his feet in-bounds. After the catch, Lazard is a long-strider who looks like he is running much slower than he actually is as he passes faster defensive backs in the open field. Lazard is deceptively slippery after the catch and he uses his open-field vision and suddenness to elude defenders. Lazard was often used as a Punt Returner and boasted an impressive 19.5 return average despite being over 225+ pounds. Lazard is willing and able blocker in the run game and was instrumental in sealing creases for RB David Montgomery to break into the second level. Lazard's biggest weakness in his game is his inability to create consistent separation on routes, amplifying the frequency of contested catches.


Lazard was named a Team Co-Captain in 2016 and 2017 by Head Coach Matt Campbell and has no alarming off-the-field issues. Lazard did land in the news in September 2017 for a controversial political tweet against President Trump that Campbell later defended in the media. Lazard compares in body type and play style to former Saints WR Marques Colston, and in a personal interview with Lazard at the Senior Bowl, he shared that he was a Saints fan and they also happened to be the first team he had met with, adding that they "grilled" him in white board. Lazard's measurables, athleticism, and production project him to being a Day 2 selection in a West Coast Offense with need of a possession WR and go-to red zone target.


Overall Grade: 84

Athletic Ability: 5

Physical: 7

Play Strength: 6

Play Speed: 5

Competitive Toughness: 6

Concentration: 5

In-Traffic/Contested Catches: 5

Spectacular Catch: 4

Release: 4

Route Precision: 3

Route Variety: 3

Versatility: 4

Red Zone Threat: 5

Run Blocking: 4

Run After Catch: 4

Explosiveness/Return Ability: 4

Maturity: 4

Production: 5


Player Comparison: Marques Colston

Projected Round: Round 2/3




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