March 21, 2018



Height: 6005 | Weight: 215 | Arm: 30 1/4 | Hand: 9 1/4 | 40: 4.84 | 3 Cone: 7.00 | Broad: 111" | Vertical: 29"


Baker Mayfield is a fifth-year Senior transfer from Texas Tech University who runs Lincoln Riley’s Multiple No Huddle Spread Offense.


Mayfield has marginal height and his thick lower body allows him to fight through contact to avoid sacks and has prevented him from suffering major injuries in his Oklahoma career. Mayfield is a great athlete who can create in chaos with good SAQ and COD when the pocket breaks down and throw with accuracy on bootlegs and rollouts. Mayfield is a scrappy, gritty guy who plays like a pissed off leprechaun and is not afraid to run through defenders for first downs despite his size.


Pre-snap, Mayfield demonstrates complete understanding and control of the offense and can often be seen checking out of plays and manipulating hot routes based on coverages. Mayfield is a computer-like mental processor and shows outstanding decision-making ability as evidenced by beginning 2017 by throwing over 220 attempts without an interception. Mayfield is great at going high-to-low through his progressions, sometimes even getting to his 4th read when given time. Mayfield is a tactically savvy poker player who won't tip his hand by staring down WRs on play designs and does a great job of manipulating DBs with his eyes. Mayfield has a lightning release and the ball whips out of his hand and gets to his target in a hurry with a consistently catchable spiral. Mayfield has a concise delivery with little wasted motion and does a very good job of using his feet and adjusting his release point to create throwing lanes and limit batted passes for his height. Mayfield has outstanding arm strength and can hit any throw on the route tree with ease. Mayfield shows very good ball placement on short throws to lead his receiver to pick up yards after catch with his major Achilles heel being Crosser routes, where Mayfield will occasionally throw a touch behind the WR. Mayfield is surgical on intermediate throws and has shown the arm strength and consistency to deliver balls into tight windows with anticipation. Mayfield also has outstanding deep ball accuracy and consistently leads his WR on Fade routes or Deep Seams. Mayfield is an elite competitor who takes losing personally and checks most boxes on the Bill Parcells QB wish list. Mayfield is an outstanding leader who never calls out his teammates and always puts the blame on himself in post-game press conferences. Mayfield also has proven to be a clutch player who plays best in big moments and does not go into a shell after making a mistake. One negative on Mayfield is that his thirst to be the hero will make him force throws and lead to turnovers, although this something he has improved drastically from 2016 to 2017 despite losing a Biletnikoff WR in Dede Westbrook. Mayfield will also start bailing from clean pockets early if he has been taking hits throughout the game.


Mayfield compares in body type and play style to Russell Wilson and is best suited for a Vertical Offense in the NFL (such as Sean Payton's Saints offense) where he can lean on his intermediate and deep accuracy and arm strength to stretch the field and carve up defenses. Mayfield projects as a top 10 draft selection and an argument can be made that if he was 6’5 he would be the sure-first top prospect in the entire draft class.



Overall Grade: 85

Athletic Ability: 5

Physical: 3

Play Strength: 5

Play Speed: 6

Competitive Toughness: 7

Arm Strength: 4

Speed of Release: 5

Spiral/Catchability: 5

Short Accuracy: 4

Medium Accuracy: 5

Deep Accuracy: 5

Pocket Awareness: 4

Read Progressions: 5

Ball Security: 5

Footwork: 4

Delivery/Motion: 5

Maturity: 3

Production: 5


Player Comparison: Russell Wilson

Projected Round: Top 10




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