Height: 6050 | Weight: 245 


Ben Johnson is a fifth-year Senior who starts at Tight End and also aligns as the Jayhawks primary Slot WR. Johnson registered 30 catches for 363 yards and 1 TD in 11 games in 2017 and is considered a blocking TE prospect for NFL teams. Having redshirted as a freshman three-star recruit, injuries have limited Johnson to playing just 6 games in 2016, 9 games in 2015, and 6 games in 2014.


Johnson has a prototype NFL body with rocked arms and very little body fat in his composition. A former basketball and track star in high school, Johnson has average athletic ability and while he can build up speed linearly, his game is predicated on his play strength.


Johnson is a long-strider who requires a few steps to build up to speed in his release off the LOS. Johnson is an average route runner and his lack of precision has caused him to come up just short quick hitters on crucial third down and shorts. Johnson is adept at Crossing routes where he can uses his body and length to beat defenders in traffic on well placed passes in-stride and does a good of planting and coming back aggressively to the ball on inside Curl routes. When tracking deep passes on Seams over his head, Johnson struggles to maintain his speed and prematurely decelerates, causing him to come up short on lofted passes. Johnson is largely ineffective during scramble rules and fails to keep his feet moving to find pockets of soft coverage when his QB is on the move. After the catch, Johnson becomes an urgent runner when he catches passes in-stride on inside Slants and is difficult to take down once he builds up a full head of steam.  Run blocking is where Johnson makes his living, where he uses his strong upper body and long, strong arms to dominate players down in and down out. Johnson is an asset as a blocker in space on Screen passes and his intense, punishing mentality as a blocker allows him to line up as a RB in Shotgun on 3rd & Long situations so that he can pick up blitzers.


Johnson earned Big 12 Commissioner's Honor Roll and Athletic Director's Honor Roll honors in 2014. Johnson compares in body type and play style to Luke WIllson and is best suited for a Smashmouth offense where he can be a contributor in the short passing game and add to the run game as a secondary blocking TE. Johnson projects as a depth rotational player at the NFL level and will likely be a priority free agent for any run-first team looking for a blocking TE. 


Overall Grade: 63

Athletic Ability: 3

Physical: 6

Play Strength: 7

Play Speed: 3

Competitive Toughness: 6

Concentration: 2

In-Traffic/Contested Catches: 3

Spectacular Catch: 1

Release: 2

Route Precision: 2

Route Variety: 2

Versatility: 4

Red Zone Threat: 3

After-Catch Ability: 3

Blocking Technique: 5

Blocking Willingness: 5

Maturity: 5

Production: 1


Player Comparison: Luke WIllson

Projected Round: UDFA




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