April 13, 2018



Height: 5066 | Weight: 195 | 40YD: 4.40 | Bench: 21 | 3Cone: 6.66 | Broad: 121" | Vertical: 38.5"


Boston Scott is a fifth-year Senior who is a change of pace “Air Back” for the Bulldogs, splitting snaps with teammate Jarred Craft. Scott has featured in 38 career games for the Bulldogs and did not register at least 100 carries until the 2017 season, where he rushed for 5.7 yards per carry. In his career, the Baton Rouge native has 288 rushes for 1,840 yard (6.4 average) and 14 TDs. As a receiver, Scott has tacked on 32 catches for 307 yards and 1 TD. Scott was also responsible for kick return duties on special teams, where he averaged 21.8 yards per return over his career. Per PFF, Scott is the 5th-most elsuive runner in college football, and his 101.6 elusiveness score trails only big names such as Bryce Love, Damien Harris, Rashaad Penny, and Josh Adams.


Although Scott is incredibly short, he has some bulk to him and his low center of gravity affords his elite balance and play strength. Scott has rare elusiveness and COD ability, and his squirminess and small strike box makes him a headache for linebackers. Scott put up some of the most eye-popping athletic scores, especially for his size. Between his 21 bench reps at 195 lbs, his 6.66 three cone, or 38.5" vertical for his height, I don't know which is most impressive.


As a runner, Scott does not fit the prototype as a shorter, shifter guy. While he has great lateral ability, he has a north-south runner mentality and exhibits very little wasted motion in his cuts. Scott has the ability to keep his strong lower body churning through contact and shows good spirit in fighting for extra yards. It is very difficult to get a straight lick on Scott, who is adept at maneuvering his body at the last second to slip through contact. Scott is quick to accelerate on outside Zone runs and is decisive in his one cut to get up field.  Scott is a terror as a receiver out of the backfield in man coverage and routinely puts heavy-footed linebackers in a blender, making them look like they're chasing a loose chicken.  Scott is a natural hands catcher who can run a variety of routes, whether it's a slant, screen or deep fade. Scott is not the most proficient pass protector, and in fact, got destroyed by Marcus Davenport on a rep so badly that he may have ended up in a different zip code.


Scott did not receive a single scholarship offer coming out of Zachary High School and worked hard to earn playing time, which did not come regularly until 2016. Teams will have to take a deep dive into Scott's medical history, as he was diagnosed prior t the 2015 season with cramp-fasciculation syndrome, an extremely rare condition that causes involuntary muscle twitching and discomfort. Scott compares in body type and play style to Jacquizz Rodgers and is best suited as a third down “Air Back” who can contribute as a Receiver out of the backfield, similar to how the Redskins use Chris Thompson. While Scott will never be “the guy” in a backfield, his elusiveness and ability to contribute in the passing game makes him an intriguing fringe draft prospect, with his height and liability in pass pro being his main deterrent.


Overall Grade: 77

Athletic Ability: 7

Physical: 2

Play Strength: 6

Play Speed: 6

Competitive Toughness: 6

Power Running: 4

Elusiveness: 5

"Home Run" Ability: 4

Ball Carrier Vision: 4

Ball Security: 3

Pad Level: 5

Catching Ability: 4

Run After Catch: 4

Route Variety: 4

Pass Pro Technique: 2

Pass Pro Willingness: 2

Maturity: 5

Production: 4


Player Comparison: Jacquizz Rodgers

Projected Round: Round 7/PFA




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