April 14, 2018



Height: 6020 | Weight: 250 


Brian Womac is a fifth-year Senior who has featured in 40 career games as a WILL hybrid LB/DE in Rice’s 4-2-5 defense. Womac's production absolutely blew up in 2017, when he not only doubled his tackle output from 2016, but his 10 sacks and 21 TFLs led Conference USA. In fact, Womac was so prolific as a pass rusher in 2017 that he ranks fifth in PFF's pass rush productivity (15.9) of all pass rusher in the country, tallying 48 pressures on 240 pass rush snaps.


There is nothing spectacular about Womac’s build and he looks like a throwback defensive end with strong arms, taped wrists, and no gloves. Womac is a better athlete than appears at first glance and wins with an extremely quick first step off the LOS paired with good hip flexibility and bend.


As a pass rusher, Womac wins with snap timing, technique, and effort. Womac does a good job of leaning in against the Tackle and utilizing a savvy Rip Under move to win the leverage battle and bend back to the QB. Womac is a versatile rusher who lines up on both the left and right side. Womac has a few arrows in his quiver, including an inside Spin move that can get Tackles off their sets. Womac has an exceptional motor and his refined hand usage allows him to be a very productive player. Womac is capable of dropping back into coverage and reading QB eyes, flipping his hips and stuffing passing lanes in Zone coverage. As a run defender, Womac isn’t content with just setting an edge and forcing runners back inside and will continue to hand fight to try and shed his block and make a play behind the LOS.


Womac is similar in play style and body type to Davis Tull and is best suited as a 3-4 Outside Linebacker where he can win with technique and motor rushing the passer from an upright stance and lean on his athletic ability to occasionally drop back in coverage. While I would pound the table to spend a late day three pick, I haven't seen any traction for Womac in any draft circles, so it wouldn't be surprising if he ended up a priority free agent.


Overall Grade: 74

Athletic Ability: 5

Physical: 4

Play Strength: 4

Play Speed: 5

Competitive Toughness: 7

Bend: 4

Finesse Moves: 4

Power Moves: 3

Gap Control: 2

Anchor: 2

Pursuit: 4

Motor: 5

Hands/Technique: 4

Move Arsenal: 4

Tackling: 4

Playmaking: 4

Maturity: 4

Production: 5


Player Comparison: Davis Tull

Projected Round: PFA




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