He’s caught 100 balls every year since 2013, not dipping below 1,250 yards receiving during that span. The potential decline of Big Ben is a concern here but a 70% Ben is better than Andy Dalton any day. He’s the one WR you can’t be surprised when someone takes him top five in your draft this year.



Nuk’s finally getting the top-three WR credit he deserves. If you’ve ever doubted this man’s talent, let’s take a look at his 2015 season - 111 catches 1,521 Yds receiving and 11 TDs. He did all this catching balls from: Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett, T.J. Yates & Brandon Weeden….. Now imagine Hopkins’ production with real NFL QB, let alone a future star like Deshaun Watson.



The addition of Saquon Barkley & the progression of TE Evan Ingram can only help OBJ this year, as defenses can’t put the sole focus on him anymore. He has the fourth-easiest schedule for fantasy WRs and has at least one more decent year from Eli to be productive with. My only concern is all of the injuries, which terrifies you the second you pick him in the first round, but with a contract year coming up, he may play with a broken back if he has to in order to secure the bag.



The contract re-negotiation nets Julio $3 million more this year and keeps him happy. He will absolutely want to show out this year to prove that he deserves to be the highest paid WR in football (Falcons promised a long-term deal before the 2019 season). People aren’t as high on him after seeing the regression in the Falcons offense last year. Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkisian was quoted saying that he learned a lot in year one, got a really good understanding of every player and will be adding wrinkles to his offense to increase productivity. That’s great, Steve, because we can’t draft Julio in the first round if he’s only going to catch 3TDs like last year….



The nephew of Keyshawn Johnson has proven to be a real stud in his first two years ( 100REC /1200YDS /7TDS) and only looks to be improving. The offense shifted to be more run heavy last year but Brees still managed to have the most accurate season in NFL history and passed for over 4,300 yards. Don’t let the “New Saints offense” scare you, they’ll still slingin' it and Thomas is clearly the premier target.



“Baby Jesus” leads the NFL with 22 TD receptions since 2016 - people forget that. Two concussions in 2017 gives you some pause, but to me, he’s worth the risk when you have the most talented QB ever tossing him the ball every week. He’s Rodgers’ true number one this year with the departure of Packer favorite Jordy Nelson. The only real talent vying for ARodg’s eye is the team’s newest addition, Jimmy Graham.



He’s 30 years old with a meh QB, but he’s still got gas in the tank. As long as he doesn’t have to line up against Jalen Ramsey all year, he’ll produce AJ Green numbers. He only caught 75 balls last year but he saw 143 targets; the most since 2013. This may speak more about the ability of Dalton, but at least he’s always looking for number 18 when he’s trying to pass.



I LOVE Thielen this year. He’s built like a true #1 receiver (6’2” 200lbs) and he has the athleticism to match (4.45s 40-yard dash, 36in Vert Jump). He gets treated by casual NFL fans like he’s Wes Welker and you can see why that shouldn’t be the case. He has the tenth-easiest schedule for fantasy WRs and a better QB looking for him all year (Kirk Cousins). To those asking “What about Diggs?!”, I love him too. It’s like splitting hairs and the biggest difference is Thielen’s ability to stay on the field. If I was doing a top-11, Diggs would be featured.



Last year we saw what happens when Allen stays healthy (102 REC/ 1393 YDs/ 6TDs). I expect him to be an absolute target monster for a potential top-five offense. As long as Keenan catches more TDs than Rivers has kids, he deserves to be in the Top-10.



Yes, he’s currently injured but Pete Carroll just came out and said that he has no concern about Baldwin missing the start of the regular season. He better be right because Russell Wilson will need his only real weapon from the get-go. Tyler Lockett is the only other WR on the roster who notched at least 500 yards last year. Expect a monster year from Doug if he can stay on the field the whole season.





T.Y. Hilton – I’m staying away. Sure he was awesome when Luck was healthy, but that feels like a decade ago. He had a flat out bad year with Brissett running the offense and the ghost of Andrew Luck won’t be much more productive this year…


Mike Evans- He needs touchdowns to be worth where he’s being drafted. You’d expect this monster of a man to get double-digit touchdowns every season but that simply hasn’t been the case. He’s gone from 12->3->12->5 over his first four years. Don’t forget that he won’t have Jameis for the first three games, either.


Jarvis Landry- I love "Juice" this year, especially in PPR leagues. His 400 career receptions are the most by a player through his first four seasons. He doesn’t have that same explosive ability to break plays like his buddy OBJ, but he has the same talent of getting open for the catch. Tyrod will be looking his way early and often, so expect another 100 catch season from Jarvis.















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