For those who are new here, welcome! Hall’s Calls is your quick cheat sheet for finding a daily fantasy player to complete your Draft Kings line up. I provide a “safe” pick which is usually high dollar (but not always the best player) and a “value” pick which you can use to fill in the holes to your team.


Let's get started:




Safe- Tom Brady ($7,200)

Over the past five or so seasons, Tom has come out of the gate HOT and fizzled statistically around week 13. Week One is the freshest that we’ll have the 41 year old and he’s going against Houston who was ranked 30th against fantasy QBs.

Value- Alex Smith ($5,600)

You can save big money by selecting him Week One. Smith will finally have all of his new toys to play with (Reed, Crowder, Thompson) for the first time. This Redskins offense will be sneaky decent and Alex Smith is the safest “value” pick you can have.


Safe- Leonard Fournette ($7,100)

$2,300 cheaper than the top option, so he could even be considered a value at this point. The biggest knock on Fournette’s rookie campaign was his durability but he certainly started out as a stud. Don’t forget that this is the Coughlin revenge game and he’s not scared to run up a score.

Value- Adrian Peterson ($4,700)

Now the featured ball carrier for the Redskins and he looked GREAT in preseason. Gruden joked about giving him 40 carries against the Cardinals… we’d be stoked if he gets half of those.


Safe- Keenan Allen ($7,500)

He is a MONSTER when healthy and is one of the most targeted WRs when he’s on the field. Expect Rivers to find Allen early and often against the 32nd ranked defense vs. WRs (Chiefs).

Value- Larry Fitzgerald ($6,600)

When he’s not lined up on Norman’s side of the field, he’s squaring up against Quinton Dunbar and I like his chances in that matchup. He won’t blow us away with speed at age 35 but he is still a reception machine.



Safe- Rob Gronkowski ($6,900)

We have a potential Brady vs. Watson shootout brewing and Brady is without his PPR stud Julian Edelman. Gronk is an even sexier pick for these first four weeks until Jules returns.

Value- Delanie Walker ($4,900)

Miami is ranked 32nd vs TEs and Mariota is looking for a big bounce back year after a disappointing 2017. Delanie is still the most talented weapon on the Titans and he was averaging over 7 targets per over the last 6 games!


Safe- Ravens DST ($3,800)

The Bills offensive line is a turnstile and they’re trotting out interception maven Nathan Peterman. Enough said.

Value- Bengals DST ($2,700)

The Colts are in trouble. An anonymous AFC Dir of Player personnel was just quoted on Andrew Luck, saying “Go back and watch him pre injury. Now watch him today. His throwing motion is completely changed, and he has no deep velocity. His entire game has changed.”




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