September 14, 2018


Picking up Alex Smith & Adrian Peterson from last week's Hall’s Calls “Value” section would have netted you some cash.


Also, I hope you listened to my pre-season article about staying away from Ben Roethlisberger. Imagine my frustration, as a fantasy expert, when nobody would heed of, would heeded, heeded of... headed of… take heed... WHEN NOBODY LISTENS.


Let’s jump into Week 2:




Safe- Philip Rivers ($6,700)

I had people legit stare me down when I told them that the Bolo Bandit was going to be top ten in scoring again this year. Well, Felipe Rios came out of the La Brea Tar Pits hot with 400+ Yards and 3 TDs last week. If you watched the Bills dismantle the Ravens, you don’t need another explanation on taking Rivers.

Value- Alex Smith ($6,000)

Back to back Smitty in the value column. He’s the 14th most expensive QB going against the defense that let Andy Dalton throw 250+ and 2TDs. Smith is shedding the game manager knock as he continues to throw the ball downfield (8.5 yards per attempt last week.)


Safe- Todd Gurley ($9,200)

Kamara had more catches than carries last week since they were playing from behind, but they’re playing Cleveland this week. Gurley is the safer bet between the two as he gets the opportunity to play the 32nd ranked defense vs. fantasy backs. The Cardinals gave up 96 yards and a TD to Adrian Peterson…now just think what a 24 year old Peterson could have done, aka TG30!

Value- Phillip Lindsay ($4,400)

He’s not going to be Top-10 in scoring this week but he can be the difference between making money and not. It’s not every day when you can get a RB who had 18 touches the week prior at $4400. Denver comes in against a very soft Raiders defense that is still crying themselves to sleep watching Mack’s MNF performance on repeat.


Safe- Michael Thomas ($8,600)

I’m extremely weary of Big Ben to the point where I think Thomas is a better pick than AB, even when they’re both going against defenses in the bottom third of defending WRs in fantasy. The Saints were handed a shocking week one loss and I expect Brees to come out firing to ensure they don’t fall behind fast again.

Value- Jarvis Landry ($6,300)

Juice hauled in 7 receptions for 106 yards last week vs. Pittsiburgh's defense. Dan Le Batard joked that Landry would have needed 20+ catches on the Dolphins to eclipse 100 yards, and he's not wrong.. Josh Gordon is still on a pitch count and I expect that the Browns will end up in a shootout against a Saints team that’s still trying to shake off the Fitzmagical Buccaneers performance from the week prior.


Safe- Rob Gronkowski ($7,000)

The Jaguars have two of the best cover corners in the league and I fully expect them to lock down Brady’s sub-par outside weapons. Tom will undoubtedly focus in on the perennial mismatch if it’s close in the fourth quarter.

Value- Jordan Reed ($4,900)

Turns out Travis Kelce misses Alex Smith more than the other way around. Alex Smith takes advantages of mismatches really well and not many defenders can blanket a healthy Jordan Reed with his brand new toes.


Safe- Broncos DST ($3,300)

Denver already proved what they can do against a sub-par offense and Oakland is just that. Starting to think that Derek Carr might have been just a flash in the pan….

Value- Redskins DST ($2,700)

Lucks prone to forcing some throws and that leads to an errant interception or two per game. Pair that up with the younger/fiercer Redskins defensive line, we could be looking at some turnovers and points. 




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