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Safe- Cam Newton ($6,400)

A low-cost safe pick at this point in the year, Cam Newton is quietly having a great year. He only has one turnover and averaging nine carries per game. Look for a solid game through the air and ground by Cam.

Value- Joe Flacco ($5,400)

The Browns have been getting into shootouts recently and Joe is ready for that action. Baltimore is averaging over 30 points per game through their first four and Flacco has been a big reason, attempting over 40 passes three times already. The Joe Flacco Elite-o-meter is making noise again.


Safe- Saquon Barkley ($7,700)

The Panthers are in the bottom half of the league when it comes to stopping fantasy running backs and Saquon is better than most already. He has been on the field for 80.23% of offensive snaps because of his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. For comparison’s sake, Gurley is on the field for 84.27% of the Rams' offensive snaps. Those numbers are close enough to warrant saving $1,700 (Gurley - $9,400).

Value- TJ Yeldon ($5,600)

Limpin' Lenny is out yet again. Rinse and repeat. While Yeldon is questionable to play, he’s pretty tough and has played while on the injury report multiple times this year. The Chiefs are second-to-last when it comes to stopping fantasy running backs. If Yeldon plays, he might be a top-5 value this week.


Safe- Adam Thielen ($7,700)

Kirk Cousins LOVES him some Adam Thielen. Thielen is getting 14 targets a game; that's two more than Stefon Diggs! He’s second in the league in receiving yards behind Julio Jones. The Eagles are surprisingly 26th in the league vs. fantasy WRs as well.

Value- Calvin Ridley ($4,900)

He got you 22 points on $4,900 last week if you heeded my advice. While his monetary value is rising, so is his performance potential. The Steelers are abysmal on pass defense and Matt Ryan is on a tear.



Safe- Zach Ertz ($6,500)

I hate picking the same player week over week but in the tight end category, it’s slim pickings. Gronk played Thursday night and I’m certainly not betting any tight end vs. the Jaguars (my how times have changed from the Posluszny days), even if it is Travis Kelce. Ertz has yet to find the endzone and is due. Last week he caught 10 passes for 112 yards.


Value- Vance McDonald ($3,700)

I call him "Thanos" because his stiff arms have made half the safeties he's played this year disappear. Big Vance is receiving about 12 less snaps per game than his counterpart, Jesse James, but developing quite the rapport with Ben. He has shown his big play potential and the Falcons seem to keep missing players going deep with injuries in the secondary.


Safe- Rams DST ($3,800)

Averaging two sacks and two turnovers a game, this very nasty Rams defensive line is legitimately salivating over the idea of playing against Seattle’s offensive line. Pray for Russell Wilson.

Value- Packers DST ($2,700)

Packers vs. Lions always seems to get messy. The Packers are averaging over three sacks a game and more than a turnover per. Also keep in mind that Stafford already has six turnovers this year.




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