April 12, 2018



Height: 6001 | Weight: 187 | Arm: 32" | Hand: 9 1/2" | 40 Time: 4.64 | 10-Split: 1.57 | Bench: 4 | 3Cone: 6.28 | Broad: 124" | Vertical: 38"


Jordan Thomas is a fourth-year Senior who has started 37 of 50 at right Cornerback for the Sooners. A First-Team All-Big 12 selection in 2015 (5 INTs) and 2016 (17 pass deflections), Thomas' production dropped off greatly in 2017. Per PFF, Thomas allowed 28 receptions on 55 targets for 555 yards and a staggering 7 TDs and 115.5 passer rating.


Thomas is a lean player who plays bigger than his listed size. Thomas has great COD and elite quickness in short areas and uses his superior leaping ability to challenge contested throws. Thomas registered a 6.28 three cone score in Indianapolis, which is the fastest three cone score in Combine history. 


In Press coverage, Thomas exhibits very good LOS skills and wins with a strong anchor and active hand usage to knock WRs off their route stem. Thomas discretely suffocates space in plus splits and is savvy at using the sideline as an extra defender. Thomas uses his arms to feel WRs and is disciplined to not grab WRs to solicit penalties, even if he gets beat. In Man coverage, Thomas shows good ability to flip his hips without losing much momentum and stays in-phase with WRs on linear routes. Thomas struggles most with anticipating movements of quick-twitch WRs who can accelerate and get inside Slants where he will get grabby and draw flags and will bite on Double Moves if he keeps getting beat by inside releases early in the game. Thomas struggles most with his timing in extended coverage and is a step late in anchoring and attacking up field on Comeback and Curl routes when aligned in Off coverage. Thomas shows a tendency to panic and turn his head to early on Fade routes due to not trusting his average linear foot speed, causing him to lose track of the ball and give up big completions.  Thomas shows very good ball skills when he can turn his head in time and has sufficient opportunity to track the ball. In Zone coverage, Thomas shows good vision and has sufficient range to play Cover 3 coverage and use his ability to key and diagnose to close and take advantage of Trap coverages. In run support, Thomas shows very good football IQ to key and diagnose screens and knife in on the runner without over-committing on the pursuit. Thomas is a physical, willing tackler who consistently wraps up in space but struggles getting off run blocks from taller, more physical WRs due to his limited upper body strength.


Off the field, Thomas was arrested in June 2016 under a complaint of public intoxication and interference with official process and one count of a signed complaint for assault and battery. According to the police report, employees pointed toward Thomas as he ran away from a local sports bar, alleging that he’d been in a fight inside the establishment. In December 2015, Thomas spent a night in Grady County jail after being arrested for failing to appear in court following a traffic citation. Thomas additionally has missed time for disciplinary reasons during his Sophomore year when was suspended one game against Tulsa for an undisclosed violation and missed the first quarter against Akron. Thomas compares in body type and play style to  Rashard Robinson and is best suited to play in a Cover 3 defense with heavy Press concepts due to his LOS skills, anticipation in Zone coverage, and ball skills. Thomas projects as a fringe rotational depth player and his off-the-field issues may suppress him on many team’s draft boards.


Overall Grade: 60

Athletic Ability: 5

Physical: 4

Play Strength: 2

Play Speed: 4

Competitive Toughness: 5

Press Coverage: 4

Man Coverage: 3

Zone Coverage: 4

Hips/Transition: 5

Make-Up Speed: 2

Concentration: 3

Ballhawking: 3

Blitzing: 2

Versatility: 3

Tackling: 3

Pursuit: 3

Maturity: 1

Production: 4


Player Comparison: Rashard Robinson

Projected Round: PFA




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