March 30, 2018



Height: 6005 | Weight: 212 | Arm: 32 7/8" | Hand: 9 1/8" | 40YD: 4.56 | Bench: 13 | Broad: 123" | Vertical: 34"


Korey Robertson is a fourth-year junior who stole the show in 2017 with 76 catches for 1,106 yards and 12 TDs and was very clearly the go-to guy in the Golden Eagles passing game. The first-team all-Conference USA selection led the conference in receiving yards and touchdowns in an offense where 35% of the output went to talented RB Ito Smith, which speaks volumes for Robertson taking advantage of every target thrown his way.


Robertson has a stocky build with sculpted arms and a strong core and base that helps him maintain his positioning and challenge for balls in traffic. Although he measured in just over 6', Robertson plays much bigger on tape and his almost-33" arms extends his catch radius and allows him to does a good job of controlling his body in-flight and making adjustments.


Robertson routinely beats Press with sudden feet off the snap and wins with an effortless outside release when he dips his shoulder and accelerates into his route stem. On underneath Crosser or Drag routes, Robertson throttles his route speed and doesn't fully trust his QB's ball placement, which is an indictment of Southern Miss' dearth of QB talent. Robertson routinely creates separation with outstanding twitch and acceleration on Intermediate and Deep routes and relies on his sudden COD ability to sell the Comeback route against Off coverage. Robertson is a monster on contested catches and he does a good job of working through getting pinned to the boundary and maintaining his red line to stay in position for a Fade or adjust to balls thrown inside. After the catch, Robertson can run around you or through you and is difficult to tackle. Robertson displays inconsistent enthusiasm as a run blocker and will opt to keep his nose clean and not deplete his stamina to make the extra effort to block on a broken run or HB Screen.


The major red flag for Robertson is his love for football, as Robertson tried to quit multiple times following a difficult camp during his freshman year to become a firefighter, having to be talked down by then-HC Todd Monken. Robertson compares to former Bills receiving great Eric Moulds with his contested catch ability and knack for making big impact plays in a variety of ways. As long as Robertson can assuage some of the concerns about his football character, he can challenge for a starting receiver position at the NFL level and could be a mid-round bargain.


Overall Grade: 73

Athletic Ability: 5

Physical: 5

Play Strength: 6

Play Speed: 6

Competitive Toughness: 3

Concentration: 4

In-Traffic/Contested Catches: 5

Spectacular Catch: 4

Release: 4

Route Precision: 4

Route Variety: 4

Versatility: 3

Red Zone Threat: 4

Run Blocking: 2

Run After Catch: 4

Explosiveness/Return Ability: 3

Maturity: 3

Production: 4


Player Comparison: Eric Moulds

Projected Round: Round 4/5




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