March 26, 2018



Height: 6045 | Weight: 224 | Arm: 31 7/8 | Hand: 9 1/2 | 40: 5.09 | 3Cone: 7.50 | Broad: 96" | Vertical: 27"


Mike White is a fifth-year Senior who transferred from University of South Florida to Western Kentucky. A standout pitcher in baseball at NSU University School in Davie, Florida who could throw a +90 mph fastball, White only played 13 games of high school football. Originally recruited by Skip Holtz, White was the first commitment of the USF Willie Taggart-era, going 0-5 as a true starter for the Bulls in 2013 and later receiving the Frank Morsani Leadership Award following the season. White had big shoes to fill for WKU’s Brandon Doughty and was mentored by the same private quarterbacks coach as Doughty; Ken Mastrole of FL-based Mastrole QB Academy. White currently works with WKU QB Coach Steve Spurrier Jr. and chose not to jump to the NFL draft when Brohm took the HC job at Purdue and his crutch WR Taywan Taylor turned pro, demonstrating self-belief, maturity and trust in the program.White started 15 career games in two years at USF, where he threw for 2,722 with 11 TDs and 16 INTs, completing 51.5% of his passes. In 2015, White amicably elected to transfer to Western Kentucky after losing the handle on his starting job to Quinton Flowers in the Spring and sat out the season due to NCAA transfer requirements. In 2016, White led then-HC Jeff Brohm’s No-Huddle Spread Offense that led the FBS in points per game (45.5) and was awarded both 2016 Conference USA Newcomer of the Year and Second Team All-Conference USA. In 27 games at Western Kentucky, White has thrown for 8,540 yards with 63 TDs and 15 INTs, competing 66.4% of his passes. White finished 2017 with the most completions of all NCAA QBs (368) and led Conference USA in passing yards (4,177).


White is tall and lanky but does possess a strong lower body base that was likely developed from his pitching background. White is a limited athlete who struggles with breaking through initial contact from pass rushers and won’t outrun NFL defensive ends at the next level. White is a pure pocket passer and while he lacks the COD skills to make defenders miss in the open field, White has shown the ability to accelerate and pick up yards in open field space.


White shows very good ball placement on underneath throws, especially Crossers and Flat routes, doing a good job of giving WRs the opportunity to not break stride and pick up extra yards after the catch. White possesses a pronounced delivery on quick screens, winding up like a baseball pitcher with a longer motion to generate power from the lower body and guide the throw to his target. White does flash very good arm strength, which bails him out on Comebacks and other Intermediate timing routes where he fails to throw with consistent anticipation. White possesses very good deep ball accuracy on Go and Seam routes when his WR creates separation but shows reluctance to roll the dice and try to squeeze the ball into tight windows. White demonstrates elegant footwork and is very swift in his drops, showing light feet and little wasted motion in his drop backs. White does have a tendency to rush his throws when under pressure, causing him to distribute off-platform and deliver the ball high. White doesn’t always throw in the direction his feet are facing and will occasionally distribute the ball with his feet perpendicular to his body, causing an altered release point and erratic accuracy. White has shown much more scrambling ability and buying time with his feet since transferring to WKU and shows very good accuracy on bootlegs and rollouts. White is the chief of a No-Huddle Spread offense that allows him to make multiple reads as a passer, make multiple post-snap decisions and handle pre-snap audible and adjustments. White has gone on record to say he enjoys the cerebral aspect of playing the position much more than individual accomplishments, and gets more satisfaction out of seeing a defensive line shift and checking into a backside run than throwing a TD. White has endured three different offenses in his collegiate career and has had the most success in a Spread taking snaps from Shotgun and Pistol formations versus Willie Taggart’s Pro Style offense at USF, which can cause some hesitation in transitioning to the next level. White shows tremendous poise and composure, doing well not to over-think and consistently connect on the deep pass to open WRs. White does a great job of mitigating unnecessary sacks and showing good awareness of always being cognoscente of where the auxiliary check-down receiver is to throw in the vicinity and avoid a negative play. On that note, White sometimes will try too hard to avoid a sack and make careless decisions, such as switching the ball to his left hand on his own Goal Line and tossing a near-interception against Alabama. If White feels a good matchup based on his pre-snap diagnosis, he will stare down his primary read and his tunnel vision causes him to lose sight of Zone robbers, leading to interceptions. White has performed consistently well against Conference USA opponents but looked overwhelmed when playing against Alabama in 2016, which is the closest replication of an NFL defense at the NFL level. A lack of supporting cast could not be used as an excuse for White with NFL talents Forrest Lamp, Taywan Taylor, and Darrell Williams at his disposal on offense. White had a solid showing during the Senior Bowl and did nothing to hurt himself competing with players like Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield.


By all accounts, White is a tremendous leader, described by Brohm as a “hard worker” who’s biggest improvement has been his ability to extend the play with his legs and focusing on details. Spurrier Jr. has also stated that White is so mentally smart, always prepared, takes a lot of notes and asks a lot of questions. With having to change offenses three times in five year and transfer away from his home state, White’s mental capacity and mental toughness is evident. A big ambition for White is to use his platform to raise awareness to stop bullying through sports. White left the game against Alabama in 2016 due to an undisclosed injury in the third quarter, but otherwise, no major injury issues. White compares in body type and play style to Landry Jones and is best-suited to play in a west coast offense with heavy-RPO concepts. White will likely come off the board late on day two/early day three and will be viewed as a player you can develop into an eventual starting role in an offense that suits his skill set, with ideal landing spots being teams such as the Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Chargers or New Orleans Saints.


Overall Grade: 75

Athletic Ability: 3

Physical: 6

Play Strength: 4

Play Speed: 5

Competitive Toughness: 6

Arm Strength: 4

Speed of Release: 3

Spiral/Catchability: 4

Short Accuracy: 4

Medium Accuracy: 4

Deep Accuracy: 4

Pocket Awareness: 3

Read Progressions: 3

Ball Security: 4

Footwork: 4

Delivery/Motion: 4

Maturity: 5

Production: 5


Player Comparison: Landry Jones

Projected Round: Fringe Round 3/4




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