April 10, 2018



Height: 6005 | Weight: 208 | Arm: 32" | Hand: 8 3/4" | 40 Time: 4.65 | 10-Split: 1.63 | Bench: 21 | 3Cone: 7.21 | Broad: 118" | Vertical: 35.5"


Secdrick Cooper is a fourth-year Senior who has played in 45 career games at free safety in Louisiana Tech’s Multiple 4-3 defense with heavy Single-High concepts. The former Conference USA All-Freshman selection has been extremely productive for the Bulldogs, logging 177 career tackles (11.5 for loss) and 4 sacks.


Cooper has very good size and stout body composition for the FS position despite measuring in with small sub-9" hands. Cooper is a fluid athlete who looks like he is dancing in his back pedal with complete body control and hip flexibility, likely aided by his basketball background at Archbishop High School in Louisiana. Cooper plays with outstanding upper body strength and while he does not have great straight-line speed, shows good explosiveness in short bursts.


In zone coverage, Cooper tends to play conservatively and is more worried about nobody getting in behind him for a big gain than anticipating throws and getting in front of routes. Cooper prefers to use his size and strength to attack the man versus trying to make a play on the ball in 50/50 situations and can get overpowered by bigger WRs or TEs by going for the big hit after or during the catch. Cooper is an adequate mental processor who is slow to read the QB’s eyes and he did not register his first interception until 2017, where he finished with 3. In man, Cooper can dip and flip and his fluid hips and footwork allows him to maintain stride with WRs in the slot. In run support, Cooper is a reliable open-field tackler with good technique and he marries a physical hitter’s mentality with consistency in wrapping up. When Cooper run blitzes from depth, he has a tendency of under-pursuing his fit and allowing the RB to break contain and pick up yards on the perimeter. Cooper shows very good effort in pursuit and will play through the conclusion of the play.


Cooper was a late addition to the Senior Bowl, where he made an immediate splash with an impressive interception in his first practice in Mobile off the plane. Cooper compares in body type and play style to Deandre Houston-Carson and is best suited to play as a split Safety in a Cover 2 where he won’t be limited by having to be the last player back in coverage and can also run downhill to contribute in run support. Ultimately, Cooper’s durability, fluid athleticism, and consistency as a tackler project him as a fringe draft prospect and could find his way on an NFL roster as a depth/role player who contributes on special teams.


Overall Grade: 70

Athletic Ability: 4

Physical: 5

Play Strength: 6

Play Speed: 5

Competitive Toughness: 7

Press Coverage: 2

Man Coverage: 3

Zone Coverage: 3

Hips/Transition: 5

Make-Up Speed: 3

Concentration: 3

Ballhawking: 2

Blitzing: 3

Versatility: 2

Tackling: 4

Pursuit: 4

Maturity: 5

Production: 4


Player Comparison: Deandre Houston-Carson

Projected Round: Round 7/PFA




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