Height: 6062 | Weight: 318 | Arms: 34 1/2" | Hands: 8 3/4" | 40 TIme: 5.30 | 10-Split: 1.88 | Bench: 25 | 3Cone: 7.98 | Broad: 86" | Vertical: 21.5"


Zach Crabtree is a fifth-year Senior with 45 career starts at right tackle for the Pokes. Crabtree earned 2017 First-Team All-Big 12 honors after landing on the Second-Team in 2016 and allowed only 1 sack, 1 hit and 9 hurries on 421 pass blocking snaps this season. Crabtree has dealt with some injuries in his career, missing two games to a sprained toe in 2017 and four games with a leg sprain in 2014.


Crabtree has outstanding height, good weight distribution, strong quads, almost 35" arms, but peculiarly small sub-9" hands. Crabtree also played basketball at Mansfield High School in Texas which shows with his body control and ability to accelerate into space for his size. Crabtree posted poor agility and explosiveness scores at his March Pro Day, barely cracking 20" in his vertical and just edging in under an 8 second 3 cone.


Pre-snap, Crabtree can be seen communicating with the Center and assists him in delegating blocking assignments to the rest of the line. As a pass blocker, Crabtree is meticulous with his steps and has a reactive approach with his footwork when blocking, waiting for rushers to make a move and then adjusting his hips and hands to mirror them. As a result, Crabtree tends to engage late and keeps a wide stance in his pass sets, hindering his ability to anchor against bull rushes and limiting his lateral control. Crabtree struggles with shorter players who can use their height discrepancy to gain leverage underneath Crabtree and hand fight with him to lose his anchor. Crabtree will also get frozen when having to make instant decisions on overload blitz pick ups. Most of these technical flaws are easily correctable for Crabtree, who still boasted a 98.0 pass blocking efficiency score per PFF (tied for 22nd in the country). Crabtree is more comfortable as a run blocker than he is in pass protection and is a big reason for Justice Hill's production as a runner, as Oklahoma State's yard per carry rush average jumped up nearly an entire yard after Crabtree earned a starting spot. Crabtree proves to be sturdy at the POA and is adept at creating a seal for his RB to break contain on stretch plays. Crabtree shows very good athleticism and acceleration on pulls and can close space and create a seal well beyond the left tackle. Crabtree’s absence against TCU due to injury was obvious, as Rudolph was consistently pressured due to the offensive line failing to cohesively pick up their assignments in slide protections. Despite missing two games due to a sprained toe this season, Crabtree showed good toughness to play 82 snaps against Texas Tech despite not being fully healed.


Crabtree is considered a tremendous leader by his coaches and teammates and as a sophomore was the recipient of the Vernon Grant Award, given to players who show outstanding leadership, spirit and enthusiasm. Crabtree projects as a gap right tackle in the NFL due to his run blocking prowess and is similar in body type and play style to Ryan Schraeder. Crabtree should hear his name called some time in the latter half of day three, but will be a high-priority free agent if he slips.



Overall Grade: 74

Athletic Ability: 3

Physical: 7

Play Strength: 5

Play Speed: 5

Competitive Toughness: 6

Kick Slide: 3

Mirroring: 3

Anchor: 3

Pulling Ability: 4

In Space: 4

Leg Drive: 4

Footwork: 3

Hand Usage/Technique: 2

Penalty Prone: 4

Finishing: 4

Mean Streak: 4

Maturity: 5

Production: 5


Player Comparison: Ryan Schraeder

Projected Round: Round 6/7




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