For years, I have been privately hoarding copious amounts of excel spreadsheets and notes dissecting the NFL Draft, analyzing NFL depth charts, learning graphic design from YouTube videos, and writing scouting reports for fun. Most recently, I have been publishing content with Optimum Scouting and other online outlets that has allowed me to get my writing in front of NFL/CFL teams, agents, and players looking to declare as underclassmen.


ScouTurf is a platform I have created to share my writing and design portfolio with the public. Included is my personal 2019 mock draft (which will always be seven rounds), big board based on film study, positional rankings, and perhaps most importantly, NFL team depth charts. 


Let me take your hand and walk you through the site:



Our content engine will drive articles from myself and contributing author editorials throughout the NFL and college football season including film review, positional analytic pieces, scouting reports, and even DFS/Bovada articles from Steven Hall for the sports betting types.


2019 DRAFT

Our main obsession and number one priority is the NFL Draft, so expect heavy coverage when it comes to player scouting reports organized by position, building our 2019 Big Board throughout the year, and a 7 round mock draft as the season progresses.



The crown jewel of the brand, our custom NFL team depth charts are updated live with current transactions and include player grades utilizing an in-house grading criteria system based on player position and "staple" traits. We then aggregate all the data with a proprietary formula to give you offensive, defensive, and overall ratings for NFL teams. Grades and player ratings are constantly changing upon film review, so make sure you check back weekly to see how your favorite team is stacking up. 



The pride of my work stems from my passion for graphic design, as you will see some of my work in each piece of content that we push out through the website and our social media streams. Throughout the course of the year, I will be accepting requests from fans such as yourself for customized desktop, iPad and mobile wallpapers, Twitter/Facebook cover photos, etc.


If you would like to request a free mock up of your favorite player or college/NFL team, make sure you interact with us on Twitter (@ScouTurf) every Wednesday when we are accepting requests for our #WallpaperWednesday campaign.


We hope you enjoy the site.







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